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‘Blue Bloods’: You ‘Can’t Tell From This Post’ But Vanessa Ray and Bridget Moynahan Do Like Each Other

Leave it to Blue Bloods star Vanessa Ray to clarify that she and fellow cast member Bridget Moynahan do like one another. Even in this scene?. Apparently, Ray and Moynahan cross each others’ red lines in a scene from the CBS police drama. Ray plays Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan while Moynahan plays Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan. They get involved in some heated debate that goes far beyond the calm, serene picture of them at the Reagan dinner table.
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Blue Bloods season 12: Vanessa Ray shares love for co-stars in new post

As the cast and crew of Blue Bloods wrap up production for this calendar year, isn’t it nice to see how much the cast cares for each other? We tend to think so. With this very thing in mind, we’re thrilled to have a new behind-the-scenes image from none other than Eddie herself in Vanessa Ray. If you look at the bottom of this article, you can see her share her appreciation for three of her primary co-stars in Donnie Wahlberg (Danny), Marisa Ramirez (Baez), and of course Will Estes, who plays her on-screen husband in Jamie. The four all seem to have a great relationship in real life and that’s probably what makes working on this show together so much fun.

‘Blue Bloods’: Vanessa Ray Explained Why Show’s Stories Aren’t ‘Ripped’ from Headlines

One of the reasons that police drama “Blue Bloods” is so compelling is because the storylines feel real. Each character is developed into a complex person with a unique and realistic backstory. The series works because it’s something visceral. And that’s largely because the plot lines aren’t ‘ripped’ from headlining stories, according to star Vanessa Ray.

'Blue Bloods': Vanessa Ray Confirms Eddie and Jamie's Family Future Is a 'Big Topic' (Exclusive)

Blue Bloods fans have been hoping to see Eddie and Jamie take the next step after getting married, and star Vanessa Ray is just as excited to see what kind of family they will have. After spending Season 11 talking about their future, just as Ray's character, Officer Eddie Janko, began taking on more dangerous responsibilities by working undercover. Ray avoided spilling major secrets in an exclusive interview with PopCulture, but she couldn't hide her excitement about the young couple's future.

Blue Bloods season 12 premiere: Will Estes, Vanessa Ray set the stage

You’ve waited long enough — tonight on CBS Blue Bloods season 12 is finally here! The long-running cop show has a whole host of new episodes right around the corner, so why not hear from some of the actors responsible for making the magic happen?. This morning stars Will Estes...