Valerie Thomas

Dr. Valerie Thomas: The scientist

A Black professional who deserves to be disscued more is Dr. Valerie Thomas. She is an aerospace scientist and inventor who made several revolutionary contributions to the field of aerospace for NASA. In 1964, she was hired as a data analyst and by 1970 she began work on a project called Landsat that was launched in 1972. Landsat or Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS) as it was primarily called, was the first satellite that observed Earth and studied landmasses.
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As a young girl, she was steered towards sewing and hairdressing, Thomas told an interviewer, but reading “The Boys First Book on Electronics” helped her understand her real life’s calling. Last month, in a Brew story about a big honor for the African American studies program at...
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Valerie Thomas

Marquette is excited to announce that founding member, Valerie Thomas, has rejoined the firm as Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager. She partners with clients and their professional advisors to provide investment management, retirement modeling, estate, tax, philanthropic, and education planning. She focuses on designing and implementing customized investment and planning strategies to help clients achieve their unique goals.