on the menu week #27

The 4th of July is tomorrow, a holiday, and no work Monday. That’s why this week has to be about fun and easy recipes that we make in a breeze. MONDAY, summer vegan burgers. Tuesday, vegetable skewers with romesco sauce. Serve with brown rice and a simple salad. Wednesday,...
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Spicy watermelon margaritas

If you are ready to enjoy the summer as it deserves, with a good cold and refreshing drink in hand, this watermelon and jalapeño margarita is for you. Easy to make, refreshing and the best thing is that you can make it with or without tequila. About this recipe.
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Vegan Bánh mì with tofu

Bánh-mì is an incredibly tasty Vietnamese sandwich. This vegan recipe is made with marinated tofu and a crisp vegetable salad. This sandwich is spicy, delicious, and very easy to prepare. What is a Bahn mi?. The bánh mì or banh mi comes from Vietnamese cuisine and is a...

watermelon raspado (slushie)

Mexican raspados are one of the most fun ways to have a treat or fresh fruit. This watermelon slushie recipe is my no-fuss Mexican raspado version. It is not only delicious and refreshing, but it’s also super easy to make. What are Mexican raspados?. These are shaved iced treats...

on the menu week #26

This week’s on the menu has easy and fresh recipes that save you when you don’t know what to eat. MONDAY, pasta with garlic mushrooms. You can make this pasta 15 minutes before meal time. It is very fast and is perfect if you have it with a simple salad.

The best summer vegan hamburger recipe

This really is the best vegan hamburger recipe you’ll ever find. This vegan patty is flavorful, with a hint of jalapeños, and tons of umami flavor, and is perfect for summer. This vegan hamburger can be grilled, baked, or cooked in a skillet on the stove. About this...

On the menu #25

In this week’s menu, I decided to share recipes that will make any day of the week special. These are recipes that you prepare once and serve every day. MONDAY, overnight oats, you can prepare this oatmeal in jars and have it ready in the refrigerator throughout the week. The incredible thing about this overnight recipe is that you can serve it with almond or peanut butter, with yogurt, or with fruit.

Classic Chai tea chia pudding

This classic chai tea chia pudding has the perfect flavor combination o all the spices of chai tea and the benefits of chia. Love it for breakfast with a dollop of vegan yogurt or as a dessert with vegan whipped cream. About the chai chia pudding. This vegan chia pudding...

Home-made sriracha sauce (vegan recipe)

Did you know you can make this popular hot sauce at home? Yes, and not only that, you can make the vegan version without any preservatives. Also, this easy recipe for sriracha sauce requires no fermentation. What is sriracha?. Sriracha sauce is a Thai hot sauce made with chilies, sugar,...

Easy Layered Banana Cream Pie Jars Recipe

You are going to love this easy layered banana cream pie, it is the perfect combination of a vegan banoffee and a vegan banana cream pie. It is a healthy and easy version of the classic banana cream pie recipe. This recipe is vegan (dairy-free) gluten-free and so quick (no-bake)...

melon agua fresca, easy and refreshing

This melon agua fresca or agua de melon is one of my favorite Mexican agua frescas there is. It is flavorful, easy to make, and always refreshing. You can make Mexican agua frescas from many different fruits, there is not an exact recipe to make them and they will always turn out well. You can make them with watermelon, strawberry, lemon, papaya, tamarind, etc. and the recipe will always be the same, water, fruit, and sugar.

vegan banana donuts

These vegan banana donuts are the perfect baked good that you can’t stop eating. They are delicious, light, and full of flavors; they are quite different from classic banana bread because of the maple glaze and crunch nuts on top. My kids ask for them all the time. About...

On the menu, week #23

This week has fresh and easy recipes that make every summer day special. MONDAY. Prepare these lentil sloppy joe’s. They are wonderful and if you have leftovers you can reheat them to eat all week. They are also perfect to eat with hamburger buns or over rice. TUESDAY. These...

Mediterranean make-ahead quinoa salad

This Mediterranean make-ahead quinoa salad is the perfect on-the-go vegan salad. It is perfect for taking to work, school, soccer games, on the road, a picnic in the country, or a meal at the beach. About the make-ahead Mediterranean quinoa salad. Seriously, it’s the easiest and most nutritious takeout meal...

Nectarine and blueberry crumble

With this nectarine and blueberry crumble as dessert, I think I could never go wrong. It is like the dessert that everybody likes and you can easily adapt any fruit you have at home. You can serve it with vanilla ice cream, sour cream mixed with some sugar or coconut whipped cream.

On the Menu week #22

This week of recipes is a mix of everything, healthy and quick recipes, desserts, and drinks that are going to keep us happy. MONDAY nothing like starting the week with a smoothie that fills us with energy, vitamins, and minerals, and this berries and acai smoothie is special because it makes us shine from the inside out.

Mexican Quinoa Salad

I know you love to eat healthy, and I know that you love recipes that come together really fast. This Mexican quinoa salad is for you. It has lots of flavor, texture, and fresh produce, a perfect vegan meal. About this recipe. I know this is so delicious. And believe...

2-ingredient easy mexican salsa recipe

Salsas are at the heart of Mexican food. They are responsible for that extra kick of spiciness and deliciousness in every bite of a taco, an enchilada, or a simple tortilla chip. Yes, this is a two-ingredient easy Mexican salsa recipe. About this easy Mexican salsa. This is the salsa...

On the menu week #21

We’re just about to start summer vacations, and I can’t be more excited. I’m ready for long days of sun and pool with fresh, easy-to-make meals. MONDAY, to start the week off right, nothing like a good breakfast full of antioxidants and vitamins. This acai smoothie bowl is perfect for giving us all that energy we need to start on the right foot.