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Mountain lion P-22 targeted for capture after suspected dog attacks

Wildlife officials announced plans Thursday to capture and evaluate the health of the Southland's most famous mountain lion, "P-22," after a series of close encounters with residents and apparent attacks on two dogs. P-22, one of many Southland-area cats being tracked by National Park Service researchers, has gained fame locally for his persistence and durability, successfully managing to cross both the 405 and 101 freeways to reach his current roaming grounds in the Griffith Park area.But the cat has made headlines in recent weeks, most notably being blamed for killing a leashed dog last month in the Hollywood Hills and allegedly...
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More than shelter; high hopes Labath Landing and projects like it can help end homelessness

Local leaders gathering for the groundbreaking June 2022 photo credit: Marc Albert/KRCB The city of Rohnert Park’s unsheltered population has increased fivefold in 7 years.... to more than 250 people in 2022.    After responding for decades in a way similar to many other California cities, earlier this year Rohnert Park began building small economical lodging paired with basic services and counseling. In the Northern California Public Media documentary "From Homeless to Housed," showcases the policy shift and people behind Labath Landing, the new 60-unit housing project, and some of those calling it home.   According to those tasked with planning, designing and delivering this micro-village, the...

Slain little Bronx brothers’ tiny coffins side by side at service

The tiny white coffins of the two little Bronx brothers allegedly killed by their mother were placed side by side at their funeral Friday — a heartbreaking sight for family and friends mourning the “angels.” Sean Macnair, a neighbor, broke down sobbing as he recalled trying to resuscitate little Daishawn Fleming, 3, who was killed along with his 11-month-old brother Octavius Canada in last month’s horror. “When I tried to give him life back, I felt like I was ready to give my life,” Macnair said of the tot. “If he was dying right here, if I could make a trade,...

Watson moved to Austin to run for mayor

Watson criticized Celia Israel for doing in 2021 what he did in 1996. As the Bulldog reported December 5th, in a video released December 2nd, mayoral candidate Kirk Watson said, “The truth is my opponent only moved into the city of Austin last year to run for mayor. The first vote she’ll cast in a mayor’s race in 20 years will be for herself.”