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T-Pain says he still ‘loves and respects’ Usher after revealing singer told him he ‘f***ed up music’

T-Pain has spoken out in defence of Usher after revealing that the singer once told him he had “f***ed up music”.In a clip from the new Netflix documentary This Is Pop, the rapper explained how he suffered from depression for four years after the “Love in this Club” singer told him that his use of autotune had ruined music.“Usher was my friend. I really respect Usher and he said, ‘I’m gonna tell you something, man. You kinda f***ed up music,’” he recalled. “I was like, ‘What did I do? I came out and I used autotune.’“He was like, ‘Yeah,...
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T-Pain was depressed for years after Usher criticized his music (video)

T-Pain said he slipped into a prolonged depression after fellow singer Usher ambushed him one day with the opinion that he destroyed music with his use of Auto-Tune. The 35-year-old rapper and singer, who was born Faheem Rasheed Najmin in Tallahassee, Florida, said his depression lasted for four years after Usher knocked him upside the head with his blunt assessment of how T-Pain allegedly wrecked music.
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T-Pain Says He Suffered a 4-Year Depression After Usher Told Him He “F—-ed Up Music” by Using Auto-Tune

Love it or hate it, for a while in the mid-to-late aughts, it felt as though nearly every song on the Top 40 featured Auto-Tune. That of course was thanks in part to the work of T-Pain, who used the audio processor to alter his voice on hits like “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’),” “Low,” and “Blame It.” But in an upcoming episode of Netflix’s This Is Pop docuseries, he reveals that the backlash to his signature style (which, of course, inspired many copycats) had a real impact on his mental health.

T-Pain Reveals Comments From Usher About His Use of Auto-Tune Sparked a Years-Long Depression

T-Pain has spoken out about some comments he received from Usher about his use of auto-tune in music, and revealed that the interaction sparked a years-long depression for him. T-Pain sat down for an upcoming interview with the new Netflix series This Is Pop, and a clip of the conversation made its way online via Entertainment Weekly. In the snippet from the larger conversation, T-Pain shared that, several years ago, he and Usher spoke on a plane while on their way to the 2013 BET Awards, and afterward he fell into a long depressive period.
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T-Pain Says That Usher Telling Him He Ruined Music Led to a Four-Year Depression

T-Pain revealed in a new Netflix show that an off-hand remark from his friend Usher had a profound effect on his mental health. In an exclusive Entertainment Weekly clip from the forthcoming docuseries This Is Pop, the prolific musician recalled a casual conversation he had with Usher in 2013 on a flight to the BET Awards that wound up changing the course of his life. The visibly uncomfortable singer recalls that he was sleeping when a flight attendant woke up up to tell him that Usher wanted to speak with him. “So I got up and went back. He was like ‘Oh, how’s everything going?’ Quick small talk, no big deal,” he explained. “And he was like, ‘Man, I wanna tell you something.’ I thought he was about to tell me something real—he sounded real concerned. Then he was like ‘man, you kinda fucked up music.’ I didn’t understand.”

T-Pain Says Usher Told Him He Ruined Music

T-Pain recently opened up about a four-year-bout with depression that stemmed from a conversation with R&B star Usher. Since T-Pain burst onto the scene (solo) with his acclaimed debut album Rappa Ternt Sanga in 2005, he's made use of the autotune voice-changing technology to create a unique sound throughout his career. Inspired by his use of the technology, countless artists across genres have used it to make their voices have a smoother sound.

T-Pain Reveals He Was Depressed for Years After Insult from Usher

In a new, heartbreaking short clip from the Netflix documentary music series This Is Pop, T-Pain revealed he experienced depression for four years after Usher told him he ruined music. When the singer and rapper was asked about a conversation that he and Usher had on a plane, he sighs...