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Tyrese Gibson Says He And Ludacris Have A Big Idea For Where Fast And Furious 10 Should Go

It’s no secret that the Fast family holds the franchise dear to their hearts and would even jump at the opportunity to keep the Fast Saga going long into the future. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that even before F9 has been released in theaters, they are already chatting about where they’re going in F10. And apparently, Tyrese Gibson and co-star Ludacris have one big idea for Fast and Furious 10 that would take the Fast family somewhere they haven’t gone before.
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Tyrese Gibson Wants Rihanna In The ‘Fast & Furious’ Universe: She Has The ‘Spirit Of A Fast Girl’

Rihanna, you listening? ‘Fast 9’ star Tyrese Gibson told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY why the ‘very sexy’ Rihanna would be a perfect ‘Fast girl’ and more. “I think Roman Pearce has been single way too long, and if there’s such a thing as me having a girlfriend, I’ve put it in the universe that I want Rihanna to be in the franchise,” Tyrese Gibson told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY as he teamed up with Regal Cinemas and Pepsi about movie theaters reopening. “Because not only is she very sexy, but I think she has the spirit of a Fast girl. She’s a bad girl, she’s a risk-taker, she’s got a lot of swag and spice about her that I think she would fall right into the universe in an amazing way.”
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Sony Says ‘Morbius’ Doesn’t Take Place In The MCU Despite Tyrese Gibson So

Obviously, if you want to get straight, factual answers out of actors in an interview about a superhero film, that’s a fool’s errand. These people are trained in the art of deflection and avoidance when pressed to give spoiler-y details. But in the case of the interview with Tyrese Gibson and Comicbook.com, it appears the actor not only shouldn’t have opened up about certain topics, but he was actually flat-out wrong when giving his answers regarding “Morbius” and its involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

F9 Star Tyrese Gibson Confirms Morbius is in The MCU

UPDATE: Sony has now issued a statement walking back Gibson's comments. According to the studio, Morbius is not in the MCU, and it's keeping its current January release date. Our story as it initially appeared is below. ORIGINAL STORY: Tyrese Gibson has been a part of the Fast & Furious...

Morbius Brings the Living Vampire Into the MCU Claims Tyrese Gibson

Apparently it is true. Morbius is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At least according to Tyrese Gibson, who stars in the upcoming Marvel Comics adaptation alongside Jared Leto's "Living Vampire." It has been suspected for some time that the movie will have at least some ties to the larger MCU, as Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, made an unexpected appearance at the end of the first trailer. While there is still much to be revealed, Gibson has now dumped some additional fuel on the fire.

Tyrese Gibson Reveals 'Fast 10' and 'Fast 11' Will Shoot Back-to-Back: "We’re Going to Touch a Lot of Continents"

The natural human reaction to reaching the end of a Fast & Furious movie is "I need more of that injected directly into my body as soon as possible," so we've got some good news about the tenth and eleventh entries in the franchise. When we sat down with Tyrese Gibson to discuss the upcoming F9, the actor revealed that director Justin Lin plans to shoot Fast 10 and Fast 11 back-to-back, ensuring as little a wait time as possible between the two-part conclusion to The Fambly's saga.
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As F9 Approaches, Tyrese Gibson Gets Candid About How Hard It's Been To Continue On Without Paul Walker

Fast & Furious 9 is gearing up for its domestic release and has already pushed past worldwide milestones, and franchise stars Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson couldn’t be happier. This was evidenced by them sending out a message, thanking fans around the world for their support. F9 will raise the stakes once again and, judging by the trailers, there will be even more cool stunts in this long-awaited installment. But as the film approaches, Gibson is also getting candid about how hard it’s been to continue on without late co-star Paul Walker.
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Tyrese Gibson Opens up About Filming 'Furious 7' After Paul Walker's Death

Tyrese Gibson is looking back on the filming of Furious 7 as "beautiful, inspirational and painful" as the Fast & Furious franchise prepares to release its ninth installment, coined F9, on June 25. In a new episode of EW'S BINGE: The Fast Saga, the actor who plays Roman Pearce recalled how difficult it was to film Furious 7 after the death of co-star Paul Walker in a car crash during a break from filming before the film's release in 2015.
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Vin Diesel (And Tyrese Gibson) Have A Message For Fans After Fast And Furious 9 Crushes Worldwide

F9 won't open domestically for nearly a month, but the movie has already bowed in many international territories, including once and future box office powerhouse China, and that means that while F9 is not currently the number one movie in America, it is the number one movie in the world. The cast of F9, from Vin Diesel to Tyrese Gibson to Michelle Rodriguez, and also director Justin Lin are thanking those global movie audiences for the film's early success.