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“Love You Still” by Tyler Shaw is a perfect song to listen to on repeat

I have never really been angry at anyone. I have never had any romantic relationship. I have no direct connection to most songs as they discuss these or alcohol. However, I can imagine what it feels like to have these experiences when I listen to music. The song “abcdefu” by...
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Tyler Shaw On His New Album, New Daughter and New Perspective

“A lot can happen in 18 months… and a lot did happen in 18 months,” Tyler Shaw tells American Songwriter. Like many musicians, the Canadian singer-songwriter’s life changed forever when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, triggering a global paradigm shift. Removed from live performances—and unable to record or work in many situations due to social distancing protocol—quarantine proved to be a fairly disorienting time, and it took Shaw some thinking and some grounding to regain his bearings. In the end, he gained a whole new perspective on the world, in part spurred by a newfound musical process, as well as by the birth of his first child in December 2020.
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CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Repeat drunken drivers who seriously injure or kill others will face longer prison sentences thanks in large part to a mother’s advocacy after the death of her son. Gov. Chris Sununu on Monday signed the Tyler Shaw Law, named for a 20-year-old Concord man who died...

Tyler Shaw Finds Love In All Types Of Ways In “North Star” Video

Jamming on the guitar, drums, bass and his signature vocals Shaw holds nothing back. At the start of the year Tyler Shaw had released “When You’re Home” a serene love ballad that was as delicate as it was soothing. His latest “North Star” is a stark difference as this time his sound is filled with rock-pop elements, in an electrifying new visual.
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Tyler Shaw drives for the fun of it, and he wins

A thought flashes through Tyler Shaw’s mind every time he turns the steering wheel. Will the tires stick through the corner or will the car break loose and skid into the driver racing alongside him. “You’re hoping you’re not tearing much up,” he said with a grin. “None of us...

Tyler Shaw Uses His ‘North Star’ To Navigate Towards Positivity While Rocking Out In New Video

Taking DIY to a new extreme, Tyler Shaw plays every instrument in the video for his new single, which he tells HL is all about finding your happiness. Thanks to a drum set, some clever editing, and a pair of spandex pants, Tyler Shaw shows off a new side of his musical self in “North Star,” the new video premiering here on HollywoodLife. The visual sees the Canadian songsmith reinvent the concept of the “one-man band,” as he plays every instrument on the track – guitar, bass, drums – while belting out how he’s making his way back to someone special. “Look up at the north star / and I’m wondering where you are / Lighthouse in the ocean / there’s a light in your direction,” he sings on the chorus, right before kicking into a killer guitar solo.

Tyler Shaw Brings The World Together Through Heartwarming Ballads

The Canadian artist gives a taste of his upcoming album with "When You're Home" Tyler Shaw has been charming the Canadian airwaves for nearly a decade. The seasoned songwriter has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, most recently Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, among many others for the ArtistsCAN initiative.