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Tyler Hynes displays new hair in Sweet Carolina: Hallmark viewers react

Tyler Hynes has displayed a new hairstyle for Sweet Carolina and some Hallmark fans aren’t too happy about it. Sweet Carolina is Hallmark’s latest flick, featuring Tyler Hynes and Mean Girls’ very own Gretchen Wieners, Lacey Chabert. The movie released on Saturday 15 May 2021. Hynes is a Hallmark regular...
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Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes on Creating Romance Magic for Hallmark's 'It Was Always You' (Exclusive)

There came a point when Erin Krakow knew she wanted to work with Tyler Hynes, a charismatic fan-favorite among the Hallmark set. So when it came time to find the perfect leading man for her to play off of in Hallmark Channel's latest romance, It Was Always You, the When Calls the Heart star had one person in mind. "People really love Tyler and they're excited to see him. I was excited to work, then actually requested him for this movie because I thought he'd be so great in this part," Krakow told ET, which Hynes confirmed. "She expressed that to me, which, I'm not sure exactly why she did that," he humbly said. "I'm very thankful she did because we had a very nice time. Erin's an incredible human being and a very, very talented actor."
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Are Hallmark’s Erin Krakow, Tyler Hynes In Upcoming Christmas Movie?

Recently, both Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes have revealed that they have been in Victoria, BC, filming a new Hallmark movie. But, all the information around this movie is pretty top secret, with the exception of some social media photos and a recent video. Do we believe Tyler, as he shares that this movie is called Christmas In A Room?