Tyler Hansbrough


Tyler Hansbrough likens Coach K to Larry David

North Carolina legend Tyler Hansbrough had Saturday evening’s UNC – Duke game confused with a funeral. No, not because the Tar Heels killed the Blue Devils 94-81, but because Duke and their fans treated the game like a living funeral for retiring coach Mike Krzyzewski. Even before UNC...

UNC Basketball: Tyler Hansbrough “Curbs” Mike Krzyzewski farewell tour

Former UNC basketball star Tyler Hansbrough likens Mike Krzyzewski’s farewell tour to an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Everyone not from Durham, North Carolina is sick and tired of the Mike Krzyzewski farewell tour, ESPN and its affiliates notwithstanding. The whole charade has become rather repetitive and college basketball...

Former UNC Star Tyler Hansbrough Said Coach K’s Farewell Tour Was Overdone

There aren’t many more notable Duke antagonists over the last two decades than former North Carolina star Tyler Hansbrough. That continues long after his basketball career came to an end, as he couldn’t help but take a shot at Mike Krzyzewski’s farewell tour and the pageantry surrounding his final game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, which the Tar Heels spoiled with a 94–81 upset win.

You Won’t Believe What Tyler Hansbrough Had to Say About Coach K

As if the North Carolina-Duke rivalry wasn’t heated enough, now Tyler Hansbrough has weighed in on the Coach K “look at me” party. Hansbrough, who was known to ruffle a few feathers against the Blue Devils, when he starred at UNC from 2005-2009, said he thought maybe Mike Krzyzewski’s farewell was a bit overdone.

Udonis Haslem Breaks Down Infamous Flagrant Foul on Tyler Hansbrough

Udonis Haslem just signed on for his 19th season with the Miami Heat. The 41-year-old has won three NBA titles in Miami and is a franchise legend. Despite all the accolades he's received, one play stands out in his time with the team and he went in depth about it during an appearance on The Long Shot podcast.