The trouble with Turing: Milpitas’ new middle-income housing deal

This is a quote from the classic film Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, when Ted “Theodore” Logan, played by Keanu Reeves, and William “Bill” S. Preston Esq., played by Alex Winter, see a phone booth time machine suddenly appear in the parking lot. Only in the case of the present story, it’s not the Circle K, but the Turing Apartments in Milpitas where odd things are happening. And it’s not a time machine that has appeared, but a general sense of dazed confusion.
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Jack Dongarra, who made supercomputers usable, awarded 2021 ACM Turing prize

A good chunk of Jack J. Dongarra's life has been spent shuttling between two worlds. In one world, a group of mathematicians sit with pen and paper and imagine things that could be figured out with computers. In another world, a colossus of integrated circuits sits with incredible power but also incredible constraints — speed, memory, energy, cost.

How Turing is building a developer-centric Talent Cloud to speed up hiring

Today, every company is a software company. For example, Caterpillar and John Deere turn tractors and construction equipment into computers with real-time sensor data and build self-driving machines connected to satellites and maps. This trend is also global — India now powers more than 25 billion real-time payment transactions every year.
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‘Alice’s Boys’ by Ken Newens weaves fiction through historical events for a page turing delight

A new book, “Alice’s Boys,” by Greeley resident Ken Newens takes readers through historical events as experienced by three-generations of fictional characters. The book follows the extraordinary life of Alice Jenkins, beginning with her running away from her parent’s ranch in the New Mexico Territory in the 1890s. As the years progress, Jenkins and her two sons live through wars, depressions and the changes associated with an ever-evolving America, while desperately trying to keep family secrets under wraps.

Turing: $87 Million Funding And $1.1 Billion Valuation

Turing recently announced it raised $87 million in funding at a $1.1 billion valuation. These are the details. Turing – a company that makes it easier to find engineering talent – recently announced it raised $87 million in funding at a $1.1 billion valuation. This Series D round of funding was led by WestBridge Capital with participation from previous investor Foundation Capital, new investor StepStone Group, and AltaIR Capital, strategic backer HR Tech Investments LLC (an affiliate of Indeed), Brainstorm Ventures, Frontier Ventures, Modern Venture Partners, and Plug and Play Scale Fund. This funding round was oversubscribed. So the company also set up a SAFE note at a $4 billion valuation, which was also oversubscribed.

Tiniest Turing patterns found in atomically thin bismuth

Nanoscale stripes and networks that resemble animal markings could be used to make quantum wires. Chemical patterns proposed in 1952 by the British mathematician Alan Turing have been discovered at the atomic scale. Appearing as stripes in a single atomic layer of bismuth adsorbed on crystalline niobium selenide, the patterns are only 2nm (around five atoms) wide – much smaller than all other Turing patterns.

Nanoscale Turing patterns in a bismuth monolayer

Turing’s reaction–diffusion theory of morphogenesis has been very successful for understanding macroscopic patterns within complex objects ranging from biological systems to sand dunes. However, Turing patterns on microscopic length scales are extremely rare. Here we show that a strained atomic bismuth monolayer assembled on the surface of NbSe2—and subject to interatomic interactions and kinetics—displays Turing patterns. Our reaction–diffusion model produces stripe patterns with a period of five atoms (approximately 2 nm) and domain walls with Y-shaped junctions that bear a striking resemblance to what has been experimentally observed. Our work establishes that Turing patterns can occur at the atomic scale in a hard condensed-matter setting.

Computer-graphics pioneers win tech’s Turing prize

The technology that animated movies like “Toy Story” and enabled a variety of special effects is the focus of this year’s Turing Award, the technology industry’s version of the Nobel Prize. Patrick Hanrahan and Edwin Catmull won the prize for their contributions to 3-D computer graphics used in movies and...

Britain's spy agency honours codebreaker Turing in giant artwork

LONDON, June 23 (Reuters) - Britain's GCHQ spy agency has installed a giant multicoloured artwork to celebrate codebreaker and mathemetician Alan Turing, who helped turn the tide of World War Two against Nazi Germany but was persecuted for being gay. The 10-metre (33-ft) by 10-metre artwork in the centre of...