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‘This is going to get ugly’: Tucker Carlson slams former Fox reporter who said he should be in jail

Tucker Carlson has blasted a former Fox reporter who suggested the cable news host should be in jail for the content on his show.Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron told CNN over the weekend that Mr Carlson should be in jail or “end up in something worse” because of the inaccurate and possibly dangerous content of his programme. “Maybe wind up in jail or maybe something worse”, Mr Carlson said on Monday night, quoting Mr Cameron.“What’s ‘something worse?’” Mr Carlson asked after sharing a clip with his viewers of Mr Cameron’s CNN comments. “We’re not sure what ‘something worse’...
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‘This Is Going To Get Really Ugly’: Tucker Carlson Hits Back At Former Fox News Reporter Saying He Should Be ‘In Jail’

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson hit back at former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron Monday after suggesting the host should be in jail. Cameron told CNN’s Jim Acosta on Saturday that Carlson has “shouted fire in a crowed movie house,” leading a person to jail or “something worse.” The network’s former chief political correspondent praised President Joe Biden’s administration for beginning to “make a move” against speech reportedly causing “damage” and “violent hate.”

‘The Simpsons’ Rips Fox News, Tucker Carlson And Facebook With Help From Hugh Jackman & Robert Reich In Musical Season Finale

Click here to read the full article. Just days after Fox made a portfolio pitch to advertisers at its upfront showcasing Fox shows, including The Simpsons, and Fox News in the same breath, Matt Groenig & Co. shot back. Sunday night’s season finale of The Simpsons called out Fox News and Facebook for spreading misinformation, stoking fear and, well, a fondness for dictators. At one point, a Tucker Carlson-like character is shown saying, “Putin for president, next on Fox News.” At another point the lyrics, “Facebook feeds our fright. They convince us things were great when gas was cheap and men were...

Opinion: Tucker Carlson Slipped Up on Hate Speech

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Former Fox News Reporter Carl Cameron Thinks Tucker Carlson Could Be Jailed ‘Or Worse’ And Tucker’s Britches Are On Fire Over It

Carl Cameron and Tucker Carlson are not exactly the Woody and Buzz Lightyear of Fox News. Over the weekend, Cameron—a former Fox New political reporter—chatted with Jim Acosta on CNN and had some pretty harsh things to say about his former colleagues, and Carlson in particular. And, as Mediaite reports, Carlson is none too happy about it.

‘SNL’ Weekend Update Took On Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, And Taylor Swift, And Also Bid Farewell To Aidy Bryant

Cast members leave SNL at the end of every season, but this year was a doozy. On the Season 47 finale, four people bid farewell to their longtime home. Kate McKinnon peaced out by returning to serial alien abductee Ms. Rafferty (though she appeared in other sketches throughout the night). Pete Davidson did his final Weekend Update monologue (until he inevitably hosts the show further down the line).

Tucker Carlson Deserves Blame—But Not for Buffalo

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