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Mandy Rose Shares Her Thoughts on Being Compared to Trish Stratus

WWE NXT women’s champion Mandy Rose spoke on being compared to Hall of Famer Trish Stratus when making an appearance on WWE’s The Bump. “I’m given the opportunity and I’m able to showcase what I have, and I’m able to get the time. I’m having these longer matches and I’m able to show my true potential, and at the end of the day, I have it all. We said that from the beginning, obviously, all the way from Tough Enough, everyone’s been saying, ‘She could be the next Trish Stratus’, all that, but it’s like, you need to have that opportunity to be able to show and be able to showcase your maximum potential. There will never be another Mandy Rose.”
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Mandy Rose dismisses comparisons to WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus

Mandy Rose has been the top star in the NXT women’s division since returning to the brand last year as she has been pushed strongly as the Women’s Champion. There have been some comparisons between Rose and Trish Stratus because of their looks and proving people wrong with their wrestling abilities.
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George Tragos/Lou Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Weekend Honorees later this month include Trish Stratus, Dan Spivey, Dick Bourne, Jim Ross, plus Gresham vs. Jordyn

SPOTLIGHTED PODCAST ALERT (YOUR ARTICLE BEGINS A FEW INCHES DOWN)... The George Tragos/Lou Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame announced their weekend honorees and schedule for later this month in Waterloo, Iowa. The following is the press release and links for further update and reserving tickets. STRATUS, ROSS, ROTUNDA AMONG...

WWE Legend Mickie James Reveals How Trish Stratus 'Elevated' Her Career (Exclusive)

One of the more memorable storylines in professional wrestling history is Mickie James' obsession with Trish Stratus while both were in WWE. At the time, Stratus was one of the top stars in the WWE, while James was new to the company and when James began a long program with Stratus, it led to her having a legendary pro wrestling career. In an exclusive interview with, James opened up about her current relationship with Stratus.

Trish Stratus on WM 22 Match With Mickie James Getting a Standing Ovation Backstage

– During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus spoke about her classic match with Mickie James that took place at WrestleMania 22 in 2006. Stratus recalled how she and opponent Mickie James received a standing ovation when they returned to the backstage area. Stratus recalled (via

Trish Stratus Again Teases Match With Becky Lynch

In an interview with SportsKeeda, Trish Stratus once again teased a return match against Becky Lynch, suggesting she could take advantage of Lynch’s mental state and win. Here are highlights:. On if she will return to the ring: “I mean if someone’s out of line – Becky Lynch –...

Trish Stratus On What She Thinks Was the Turning Point For Women’s Wrestling In WWE

Trish Stratus recently weighed in on when women’s wrestling turned the corner in WWE. Stratus was a guest on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio and talked about the moment when Victoria nailed her with a chairshot to the head during their feud in 2022, saying it marked a change in how people were talking about women’s wrestling within the company.

Trish Stratus Says Never Say Never To Match With Becky Lynch

In an interview with VIBE 105 Sports (via Fightful), Trish Stratus spoke about the possibility of returning for a match with Becky Lynch. The two interacted at some live events this year where Stratus was the guest host. Stratus’ last match in WWE was at Summerslam 2019 against Charlotte Flair.

Trish Stratus Remembers Vince McMahon Pitching Her The ‘Bark Like A Dog’ Angle

Wrestling Inc reports that during the For The Love of Wrestling convention, Trish Stratus spoke about getting pitched an angle by Vince McMahon in which she stripped down to lingerie and barked like a dog. It was one of the more controversial segments of the Attitude Era. She said: “Vince...

Trish Stratus Reveals Which WWE Role She “Would Gladly Accept”

Seven-time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus may go down in history as the greatest WWE Female talent of all time thus far. Throughout her illustrious career, she has had several infamous and memorable moments. Recently while appearing at the For The Love Of Wrestling convention in Liverpool, Stratus talked...

Trish Stratus Would ‘Gladly’ Accept a Role as GM in WWE

Trish Stratus’ in-ring days may be over for now, but she says she would “gladly” return for a GM role in WWE. Stratus spoke at the For Love of Wrestling convention during a Q&A about the possibility of making a return to WWE in some role, and you can check out some highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

Trish Stratus Says She Is Interested In A WWE Return, Open To A GM Role

WWE Legend Trish Stratus recently spoke on a QA Panel at ‘For the Love of Wrestling‘ in the UK in which she answered numerous questions. Check out the highlights below. I would gladly accept that role. I always think — like I said, to go back, it has to be something challenging, something different, something different for you guys. You know, you just don’t wanna see me being a babyface, kicking butt, winning championships, boring, right guys? Do we or would you — I don’t know. I can’t read the crowd. I’m not sure what they want. What do you guys want? What do you want? What should I do next? I always say if I go back, the one thing I’m missing is a heel run so that would be kind of fun, you know? Yeah.

WWE's Becky Lynch Calls out Trish Stratus, is Ready for a Match

Earlier this year Becky Lynch jumped in the ring with one of WWE's biggest legends in Lita, and now she is more than ready to throw down with another Legend of the Attitude Era. That would be Trish Stratus, and Lynch talked about the possibility of a match between them during her recent appearance on Drew Garabo Live Featured Cut of the Day. Lynch said she's more than ready to go if Trish wants a battle, and even thew in that when she faced Lita she was facing someone that inspired her, so if she could take down someone she looked up to, imagine what she could do to someone she wasn't that big a fan of. You can read her comments below (via Wrestling News).