Tabyana Ali Reveals How Trina Really Feels About Rory on GH!

With Spencer pretending to believe Esme, a frustrated Trina has found herself turning to another man. But just what is going on between Trina and Rory on GENERAL HOSPITAL? “I think at this moment in her life, she is so tired of the hustle and bustle of everything that is going on and she is really ready to have some fun,” Tabyana Ali confided to Soap Opera Digest of her alter ego’s feelings. “I think she is seeing Rory as an opportunity for fun.”
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Willow Angrily Confronts Nina After Scott Puts Michael on the Stand — Plus, Trina Finds a Distraction at the Pool

In court, Scott asks Michael what happened between him and Claudia Zacchara, and what it was like to kill her. Diane objects and Scott explains he’s just pointing out the fitness level of those claiming Nina isn’t fit to see her grandson. Scott reads Claudia’s autopsy report and notes how much smaller she was than Michael. Michael adds that she was in the process of kidnapping Joss. Scott asks Michael how he felt when he caved her head in. Michael admits when he saw his sister back in his mother’s arms that he felt relieved.
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Remy Ma and Trina honored in their hometowns of New York and Miami (photos)

Female rappers have often lamented the fact that their monumental contributions to this globally-influential music form have been underappreciated and undervalued. In New York and Miami, however, two of the most successful emcees of the modern era, Remy Ma and Trina, were given their flowers and more during elaborate ceremonies in their respective hometowns.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Honors Trina With Key To The City

Miami native Trina was honored in her hometown over the weekend as Mayor Francis Suarez honored her with a key to the city. In addition, Suarez’s office renamed May 14, 2022 as the first-ever “Trina Day.”. “I’m super grateful, super humbled by the opportunity,” Trina told the Miami...

Trina Honored With Key to the City of Miami

Miami showed up for one of the city’s icons, rapper Trina, as she was presented with the key to the city by Mayor Francis Suarez. “Miami product, Liberty City product. There are not enough words in the vocabulary to express our deep appreciation for everything you’ve done for this community. Never forgetting about this community. The one that loves you, that will always love you and will always take care of you as you’ve always taken care of us,” the mayor said to the gathered crowd.

Trina Receives Key To The City of Miami

Over the weekend, Trina was awarded her own day and a key to the city of Miami. “Miami product, Liberty City product, there aren’t enough words in the vocabulary to express our deep appreciation for everything you’ve done in this community,” said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. That wasn’t it for the gifts. An already emotional Trina go even more emotional when she received a plaque honoring her late mother, Vanessa Taylor. Click HERE to check out pictures from the ceremony.

Trina Is Gifted The Key To Miami At "Trina Day" Inaugural

On Saturday, May 14, hundreds of fans, family, and friends assembled on Northwest 15th Avenue to celebrate the first "Trina Day" of many. Right in the heart of Liberty City, rapper Trina was honored for her impact and legacy as a Miami artist. Unlike any regular ceremony, Trina's special day...

Trina Honored With “Trina Day” And Key To City Of Miami

Click here to read the full article. The Diamond Princess officially has her own day. Over the weekend, Trina was honored with “Trina Day” in her hometown of Miami and given the key to the city. Complex reported a block party was held Sunday in her original neighborhood of Liberty City, where Miami Mayor Francis Suarez presented her with the key and official proclamation.  “It was our pleasure to give the Key To The City to Trina for her impact and legacy as a Miami artist,” Mayor Suarez wrote on Instagram. “Happy Trina Day!”More from VIBE.comTrina Opens Up In New Episode Of 'A...

Trina (Kuyten) Bolt

Trina (Kuyten) Bolt, age 88, of Holland, passed away Monday, April 25, 2022, at Appledorn Assisted Living Center. Trina was a 1955 graduate of Calvin College and, along with her husband, Rudolf Kuyten, served as a missionary in Japan for 35 years for the Reformed Church in America. Trina is...

General Hospital’s Tabyana Ali Reflects On Her Trial by Fire as Trina: ‘Oh, Goodness!’

The actress didn’t just get thrown onto the frontburner, she got thrown onto the frontburner with it going full-blast!. Before taking over for Sydney Mikayla as the new Trina on General Hospital, Tabyana Ali did her best to prepare. “I did watch a lot of [the show] and Trina scenes, watched how she interacted with everybody, to get a good feel of the presence she had on screen,” the actress tells Soap Opera Digest. Since her mom and grandmothers and aunts are all longtime fans of the daytime drama, “my family also helped me, filling me in on the storyline.”

Michael Blake Kruse Previews Rory and Trina’s Future on GENERAL HOSPITAL!

It was a simple gesture, but one which meant quite a bit to many GENERAL HOSPITAL fans who immediately began speculating about what was coming next! We’re talking, of course, about the moment when Officer Rory Cabrera offered Trina a can of soda while she was sitting in the interrogation room at the police station. And the slight smile he flashed her afterward only sealed the deal.