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Tori Kelly, Pink Sweats Tease New Song Collaboration “REAL THING”

American Idol alum Tori Kelly and singer Pink Sweats shared a video teasing their upcoming collaboration. Their effortless mix of beautiful vocals in the video already has fans dying to hear more. It’s always a good day when Tori Kelly has a new song up and coming. On January 13,...
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Brasstracks debuts new song “Still Life” featuring Tori Kelly

Grammy Award-Winning duo Brasstracks debuts a new song “Still Life,” featuring “Best New Artist” Grammy-nominee Tori Kelly. This latest track marks a creative rebirth for Brasstracks who are starting anew as they release new music independently. Listen to the song HERE. “. ‘Still Life’ kind of...

Tori Kelly Says Doing Voiceover For 'Sing 2' Was 'Awkward And Weird'

Tori Kelly said she had a lot of fun reprising her role as Meena the singing elephant in "Sing 2" but she also had some "awkward" and "weird" moments in the recording booth. Kelly appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday and talked about her most interesting experiences in the movie, which hit the theaters on Dec. 22.

Tori Kelly on Going from Filmmaking "Noob" to Tackling 'Sing 2' with Confidence

With Sing 2 now playing in theaters nationwide, I got the chance to catch up with Tori Kelly and Scarlett Johansson to discuss their individual journeys in the animated feature realm. In the new movie, Kelly’s Meena is performing in Buster Moon’s (Matthew McConaughey) very successful local production at the...

Brasstracks’ new project Welcome Back Era out now/Includes tracks featuring Tori Kelly, Yung Pinch, TOBi, Rothstein, and more

Welcome Back Era, the new project from Grammy Award-Winning Brasstracks, is out now. The release features Brasstracks’ previously released songs “Still Life” featuring Tori Kelly, “Summertime 1, 2” featuring Yung Pinch and Rothstein and “Good Luck For Real” with TOBi as well as an unreleased live version of “Still Life,” recorded at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. These 2021 tracks mark a creative rebirth for Brasstracks who have started anew as they continue to release new music independently. Listen to the project HERE.

Scarlett Johansson, Tori Kelly and Bono gamble big for superstardom in 'Sing 2'

Sing 2, like its 2016 predecessor, Sing, features a menagerie of singing cartoon animals auditioning for a show—only this time, the stakes are much higher. In the new animated feature, which opens in theaters December 22, the troupe lands a gig at a larger-than-life Vegas-style venue by recklessly promising to enlist a reclusive superstar, Clay Calloway, whose leonine growl is provided by U2 singer Bono.