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Fox’s ‘HouseBroken’ Unleashes Lisa Kudrow, Tony Hale, Will Forte and More on Zany Pet Comedy: TV Review

There aren’t too many surefire ideas out there these days, though “what if ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ didn’t have to be G-rated?” is about as straight down the middle a pitch as it gets. Still, “HouseBroken” finds a few ways to make itself stand out, especially with the help of several solid voiceover performances from actors who know how to make any character a standout. (And no, the pets aren’t the old characters who get to speak; Maria Bamford guest stars as a harried owner, though not long enough to make as much of an impression as Bamford’s elastic voice is capable of creating.)
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‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ Trailer: Tony Hale Recruits a Team of Orphans to Save the World

The Mysterious Benedict Society was once slated to be an original series at Hulu. But last fall, the adaptation of Trenton Lee Stewart‘s book series shifted over to Disney+. The series follows Tony Hale (Veep) as eccentric narcoleptic Mr. Benedict as he recruits a team of orphans to stop his twin brother from creating a global crisis. It feels like Wes Anderson’s version of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.
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‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’: Disney+ Plus Unveils Trailer, Key Art For Tony Hale YA Series

Tony Hale makes his debut as the eccentric Mr. Benedict in the trailer for Disney+’s The Mysterious Benedict Society. Based Trenton Lee Stewart’s book series, the Disney+ series follows four gifted orphans who are recruited by Hale’s Mr. Benedict to save the world from a global crisis known as The Emergency. Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance must infiltrate the mysterious L.I.V.E. Institute to discover the truth behind the crisis. When the headmaster, the sophisticated Dr. Curtain appears to be behind this worldwide panic, the kids of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” must devise a plan to defeat him.
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The Character Everyone Forgets Tony Hale Played On The Sopranos

You might know Tony Hale as the juice-loving, affably off-center Buster Bluth from the classic sitcom "Arrested Development." Or you might recognize him as the Buy More's nefarious assistant manager Emmett Milbarge from NBC's cult hit spy comedy "Chuck." Many undoubtedly know him as the fiercely devoted "body man" to Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' President Selina Meyer on HBO's critically lauded political comedy "Veep." Wherever you know him from, there's little question Tony Hale has become one of the more notable "oh that guy" actors around over the past two decades.
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Tony Hale discusses new film ‘Eat Wheaties!’

Actor Tony Hale joins Hoda and Jenna to talk about his new movie, “Eat Wheaties!”, about a guy whose life falls apart when he misuses Facebook and accidentally stalks a famous college friend. Appearing:Savannah Guthrie. Tags: television, pop culture, Editor's picks, movies, Hoda & Jenna, today.