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Kim Novak says she woke up naked after party with Tony Curtis

Hollywood’s Golden Age is tarnished by abuse. Kim Novak, the crown jewel of 1950s cinema who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo,” recalls waking up dazed and naked after having only one drink at a party hosted by actor Tony Curtis — father of Golden Globe winner Jamie Lee Curtis — in 1958.
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The Weird Things That Tony Curtis Is Buried With

Sure, King Tut was buried with over 5,000 artifacts like furniture and weapons and even chariots (how else was he supposed to get around in the afterlife?) but the boy pharaoh was royalty after all. You'd expect a little glitz and glamour. These days, we're typically not buried in gilt-laden tombs, of course, but we're still human. Most of us like the idea of a bit of comfort and security to follow us beyond this mortal world. Some of the most common items people might be buried with aren't too surprising, like Bibles, family photos, or flowers from the service. Others, like booze, cigarettes, or laptops, might raise an eyebrow, but these, too, are everyday occurrences for folks in the funeral home biz. But when it comes to the rich and famous among us, things can get a little ... eccentric.
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Tony Curtis Said Kissing Marilyn Monroe Was ‘Like Kissing Hitler’

During her short and tragic life, Marilyn Monroe became an icon. In just 15 years, Monroe amassed 33 acting credits, became a sex symbol, and had more than a few Hollywood romances. She dated everyone from Joe DiMaggio to Frank Sinatra, and men were said to fall under her spell almost instantly. Back in 1958, one man, Tony Curtis, was reportedly not taken with her. Rumor has it that he once suggested kissing her was less than pleasant. Is that true, or was Curtis just covering up an affair?