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Tony Blair on Putin's transformation

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair recounts his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and how he changed from “Western-facing” to “cold and calculating.”
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Tony Blair tells Starmer to drop ‘woke’ politics and focus on economy

Tony Blair has urged Keir Starmer to reject “woke” politics and present a programme for government that is “radical without being dangerous”. A report published by the Tony Blair Institute analyses the impact of class on voting in the 2019 general election and beyond. Based on analysis by the veteran pollster Peter Kellner, it points to particular problems for Labour with two groups: the 26% of voters who fit into the formal definition of middle class; and the 12% who would be defined as working class by pollsters but consider themselves middle class.

Tony Blair Fast Facts

Here’s a look at the life of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Marriage: Cherie (Booth) Blair (1980-present) Education: St. John’s College, Oxford, B.A., 1975. Although born in Scotland, Blair spent most of his childhood in Durham, England. His son, Leo, was the first baby born to a...

Voices: Tony Blair is wrong – again – on education, education, education

The suggestion, in a report published by the Tony Blair Institute (TBI) this morning, that the percentage of young people who should go to university should rise to 70 per cent – 70 per cent! – by 2040 felt like an intervention from a bygone era.It was, after all, Sir Tony’s new Labour government that was behind the still controversial target of 50 per cent achieving degree-level education.As ever, in his latest missive the former prime minister is sort of right and sort of wrong. At its simplest, the TBI is right when it says that the country should aspire...

70% of pupils should go on to higher education, Tony Blair says

Former prime minister Tony Blair is set to call for 70% of young people to go into higher education.The Times reported that the former prime minister was calling for the proportion of pupils entering higher education to rise to 60% by 2030 and 70% by 2040.Mr Blair set a 50% target for pupils to enter HE while in government. The current HE entry level for pupils is around 53%.A report from the Tony Blair Institute, published this week, says that if 70% of young people completed higher education it would “significantly” raise national productivity levels.The institute’s analysis said reaching this...