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Original Plans For Tommaso Ciampa On WWE Main Event

WWE originally had a big match planned for last night’s pre-RAW WWE Main Event tapings. As noted, last night’s Main Event tapings featured Tommaso Ciampa vs. Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez vs. T-BAR. You can click here for full spoilers from the taping, which will air this Thursday on Hulu.
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Raw: Tommaso Ciampa loses his name

In recent years, WWE has accustomed us to overturning several names of its wrestlers, especially in the last period, given the recent changes with NXT athletes who have passed on the main roster, with a completely different name than the one they had in the programs of the third brand managed by Triple H until a few months ago.
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Tommaso Ciampa Loses First Name On WWE Raw

It looks like Tommaso Ciampa is the latest WWE star to get their name cut in half, losing his first name on this week’s Raw. As noted, Ciampa came out and attacked Mustafa Ali on this week’s show after Ali defeated The Miz. The episode saw the announcers refer to him only as Ciampa and TVA Sports Quebec’s Kevin Raphael noted:

WWE Main Event results: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Cedric Alexander

This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Key Bank Center in Buffalo, New York, before Monday’s Raw. Apollo Crews (w/ Commander Azeez) defeated T-Bar (5:07) Crews got his third win in as many weeks on Main Event in a decent five-minute match. There was some nice...

WWE Main Event Results (4/20): Cedric Alexander Challenges Tommaso Ciampa

The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Apollo Crews (with Commander Azeez) makes his entrance as Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick check in on commentary. T-Bar makes his entrance. Apollo Crews vs. T-Bar Crews goes for a single-leg takedown, T-Bar clubs his back....

Tommaso Ciampa Reacts To Triple H Surprising Him At NXT Stand & Deliver

Tommaso Ciampa says he had no idea Triple H would publicly greet him on-stage at NXT Stand & Deliver. Ciampa had just lost his last match, for now, in NXT to Tony D’Angelo. After the match, Ciampa soaked in the applause of the fans and headed back toward the stage. That’s when Triple H’s music started to play and he made his way out in front of the live crowd.

WWE's Tommaso Ciampa Breaks Down Raw Call-Up and Dream Opponents

The Blackheart Tommaso Ciampa is now officially part of WWE's Monday Night Raw, and fans are eager to see him soar as he did during his long run in NXT. Ciampa wrestled his final match in NXT at Stand & Deliver, sharing an emotional send-off with Triple H. Now that he's on Raw fans are hopeful he can have amazing success there as well, and during a recent interview with Ciampa talked about being open to whatever WWE had planned for him and doing his best with the time and the role he's given at any given time.

Raw: Tommaso Ciampa made his Raw debut

Like every year, close to Wrestlemania, or rather immediately afterwards, the WWE makes some shifts with its wrestlers, sending the athletes who have now finished their stint to NXT in the main roster, either on the side of Friday Night Smackdown or from that of Monday Night Raw, with several names making their final move to the main roster, receiving the long-awaited call from every young WWE Superstar.

Tommaso Ciampa Comments On Dealing With WWE Creative

Tommaso Ciampa has finally made it to the WWE main roster after seven years spent in WWE NXT, officially debuting on RAW this past Monday night. In an interview with Metro UK, the former NXT Champion said he’s willing to do whatever he is asked from WWE creative, saying he isn’t hard to please.

Tommaso Ciampa Comments On “What If?” Matches On WWE Main Roster

In an interview with Metro UK, WWE star Tommaso Ciampa talked about his recent call up to RAW and the possibilities that come with it. Ciampa is excited for the potential matchups he can have working on either RAW or Smackdown, pointing out names such as Rey Mysterio and Roman Reigns as wrestlers he could have strong matches with.