Tom Verducci

Tom Verducci on 2016 Cubs: 'Greatest championship of our lifetime' across all sports

It's hard to objectively label one team's championship efforts, after a long, trying season, as the single "greatest" that we've ever seen. Depending on which city you live in, or which teams you follow, or which players you idolize, it might be hard to shake your bias and choose one as the objective "best" championship story above all the others. But there are definitely a handful that stand out, and for longtime sportswriter Tom Verducci, it was the only one that brought a 108-year drought to an end.

Tom Verducci proves you don’t have to be a former player to provide sharp insight

No one is better at unearthing golden nuggets about baseball than Tom Verducci. Considering he’s a New York Times bestselling author and three-time national sportswriter of the year, that shouldn’t be a surprise. But even though he never played professionally, his ability to provide context for all types of game situations makes him an excellent addition to any baseball broadcast.