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Tom Steyer Asks if He Should Replace Newsom in Poll: Report

Billionaire Tom Steyer is reportedly putting feelers out on whether he could gain enough support to replace California’s Gavin Newsom if an effort to recall the governor is successful. According to Politico, Steyer included his own name in a list of potential replacements for Newsom in a recent survey asking residents if they support the push to recall the governor before his term ends. The one-time presidential candidate has come out against the GOP-driven recall effort in a statement but otherwise remained largely silent. Politico also notes that a spokesperson for Steyer told a reporter seeking comment to get back in touch in “late April,” which coincides with the deadline for counties to certify signatures for the recall effort.

Billionaire Tom Steyer Asking $10M for San Francisco Home After Price Cut

The Frisco home of hedge fund manager and 2020 presidential contender Tom Steyer first hit the market in the late summer of last year with an $11 million ask. The 1908-built, 5,625 sq. ft. freestanding residence has had its price knocked down a million, to $9.995 million, and that seems to have done the trick; the property is pending sale.
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Tom Steyer: If businesses don’t move on climate change, the U.S. will lose its global competitive edge

Tom Steyer, who made his fortune running his hedge fund Farallon Capital, first rose to political fame by spending millions of dollars in politics to get others to stop spending millions of dollars in politics, to end what he called “the corporate stronghold on democracy.” But that doesn’t mean he thinks business leaders can eschew all political responsibility, especially when it comes to climate change.