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Tom Steyer Takes Aim at Billionaires, Slams Crypto

The rich are not truly self-made but instead get their wealth through the help of "millions of poor people," hedge fund manager Tom Steyer argued recently. "I have always thought that the capitalist system should reward people for coming up with ideas and products that make other people's lives safer, healthier, more fun, more productive," the Farallon Capital and OneCalifornia Bank co-founder told Yahoo Finance in an exclusive interview. "Absolutely."
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‘When every country’s term paper is due’: Tom Steyer says Cop26 summit poised to be ‘transformational’

US environmentalist Tom Steyer likened the upcoming United Nations Cop26 summit as the moment “when every country’s term paper is due” on more ambitious commitments to cut planet-heating emissions driving the climate crisis. Speaking at an event hosted by The Independent on Tuesday, the former Democratic presidential candidate and co-executive chair of financial fund, Galvanize Climate Solutions, recalled his experiences as a veteran attendee of Cops, the UN’s annual conference of parties to tackle global climate change. Mr Steyer will once again be an official observer at this year’s Cop26 which begins in Scotland on 1 November.Countries need to make...
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Cop26: Join The Independent’s free virtual event on the UN climate summit with Ed Miliband and Tom Steyer

It is just weeks until leaders from across the globe will gather in Glasgow for the major UN climate summit Cop26.The event is widely seen as the most important UN climate meeting since Paris in 2015, when countries agreed to the aspiration of keeping global temperatures at 1.5C above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century.The latest analysis shows that countries are still far from meeting that goal. A recent UN review found that countries’ current climate commitments would see global greenhouse gas emissions increase by 16 per cent by 2030, when compared to 2010 levels.Scroll to the bottom...

Tom Steyer: If businesses don’t move on climate change, the U.S. will lose its global competitive edge

Tom Steyer, who made his fortune running his hedge fund Farallon Capital, first rose to political fame by spending millions of dollars in politics to get others to stop spending millions of dollars in politics, to end what he called “the corporate stronghold on democracy.” But that doesn’t mean he thinks business leaders can eschew all political responsibility, especially when it comes to climate change.