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How horror icon Tom Savini created that terrifying mask for The Black Phone

How do you create the ultimate horror movie mask? That was the problem facing Doctor Strange and Sinister filmmaker Scott Derrickson as he was prepping his new movie, the Blumhouse-produced The Black Phone (out today). In the '70s-set movie, Ethan Hawke plays "the Grabber," a character who kidnaps and kills children, and through most of the film same wears a dementedly grinning mask, or variations on the same. Derrickson was aware that getting the mask right was crucial for the film's success, both artistically and commercially.
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Legendary Special Effects Artist Tom Savini Discusses Impact of Friday the 13th Film Series Ahead of Esquire Screening

Heads up, campers: It's time to celebrate the only Friday that falls on the 13th in 2022, and there's only one appropriate way to do it. Friday the 13th plays at 9 p.m. May 13 at Esquire Theatre, which already is a treat. But right after the screening of the first film in the series, brave moviegoers can stay for a showing of Friday the 13th Part III, which begins at 10:50 p.m. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the third part in the Friday the 13th series.
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Horror Legend Tom Savini Reveals Exclusive Evil Dead: The Game Skin

With the new Evil Dead game just a few days away from its release, we've now gotten our first look at the finished Evil Dead: The Game skin for Ash Williams that's been created by horror master Tom Savini himself. The skin features a new take on the Evil Dead protagonist and marks Savini's first involvement with the Evil Dead franchise, but it's a skin that only a select number of people are going to have given that it's relegated to the Collector's Edition of the game.

New Gory Book From Horrify Me Featuring Tom Savini

— A good portrait photo can be a real confidence boost for many, helping people to love the skin they’re in. Even if that skin is rotten and peeling away, dripping with gore, or covered in the blood of a hapless victim. Rick Jones has been transforming everyday folk...

How Special Effects Wizard Tom Savini Changed The Horror Genre Forever

CGI in movies dates back all the way to the early '70s, when the film "Westworld" featured CGI in scenes involving the robot Gunslinger. A few decades later, "Toy Story" would become the first film to be entirely rendered in 3D animation. Since then, the use of CGI in film has taken off and never looked back. Gone are the days of special effects that rely on a particular form of physical artistry rather than the use of a computer. As dazzling and convincing as these computer generated effects can be, there are times when I long for the days of practical effects, where on-screen spaceships were nothing more than cleverly shot miniature models and werewolf transformations had to be completed with the use of intricately-built puppets. Today, it seems like practical effects exist in an entirely different world from CGI, and when I think of them, the first name that comes to mind is Tom Savini, the king of prosthetic make-up, the master of horror gore.

‘The Black Phone’ – New Image Shows Off the Film’s Sinister Mask Designed By Tom Savini and Jason Baker

Sinister and Doctor Strange duo Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill return to horror with their brand new Blumhouse horror movie The Black Phone, an adaptation of Joe Hill‘s short story. The Black Phone comes to theaters on Friday, February 4, 2022, and the film features Ethan Hawke as a killer who wears a mask designed by Tom Savini and his team!

How Scott Derrickson And Tom Savini Created The Black Phone’s Iconic Horror Mask – Exclusive Image

An iconic mask can often be the making of a horror film or franchise – think Ghostface’s elongated skull, or Michael Myers’ inverted William Shatner. With his new film The Black Phone, Sinister and Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson was looking to achieve the same kind of success, and create a new facial motif that would go down in horror history.

Smoke And Mirrors: Interview With SFX Wizard Tom Savini

He’s a director (Night of the Living Dead 1990), a special effects and makeup genius (Creepshow, Maniac), an actor (From Dusk Till Dawn), and even a stuntman (Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead). If you watch horror movies, chances are you’ve seen something connected to Tom Savini, either directly or something inspired by him and his work. While the man and his work have been in the genre for years, little was known about his life. Now, his story is available to the masses with the wide release of the documentary, Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini (2015). Originally on the subscription-based Shudder, Smoke and Mirrors opened on VOD last month. To celebrate, I chatted with Tom via Zoom, and we discussed his love of movie theaters, starting Tom Savini’s Special Make-Up Effects Program, and his dream project.

A Legend Is Born… Happy Birthday To The King Of Gore, Tom Savini

In the horror community, there are many instances where a name will be mentioned and we all know instantly who it is. For me and I am sure many many others, one of those names is Tom Savini. This month I want to extend a very very happy birthday to the one and only man who made the gore whore’s dreams come true and for all of us who can’t help but get that warm, fuzzy feeling when we see zombies or monsters tear someone apart. So, in celebration of this epic artist’s birthday, we give you this tribute to the King of Gore, Tom Savini.

Review: Limited Production Value Aside, Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini Gives a Great Effects Artist His Due

Although it sometimes feels like a beefed-up DVD extra, the latest documentary on special makeup effects guru, actor, stuntman, director, and teacher Tom Savini is so packed full of great information and details about the legend that it’s easy to look beyond some of the editing and emphasis issues. From director Jason Baker, Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini hits all of the film highlights you expect and want, from his early collaborations with George Romero in Martin, Creepshow, and Dawn of the Dead, (the latter of which also features Savini in a memorable acting role) to his work on the first Friday the 13th movie, The Burning, Maniac, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and later collaborations with Romero (Day of the Dead, Monkey Shines, Two Evil Eyes).

Tom Savini Says Chris Jericho Got Him His Job With WWE, More –

During a recent appearance on Darren Paltrowitz’s Paltrocast, legendary makeup and effects artist Tom Savini commented on his time in WWE, how he got signed in the first place, and more. For those unaware, Savini is the person who created Bray Wyatt’s mask for “The Fiend” and Triple H’s crown...