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Spotlight On: Tom McCall, COO & CFO, ICI Homes

November 2022 — COO of ICI Homes, Tom McCall, spoke with Invest: about staying ahead of market needs and attracting customers to Jacksonville. He talked about shifting priorities since the COVID-19 pandemic and how ICI Homes is rethinking marketing for a new age of clients. How have the needs...
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Letter: Christine Drazan is in the spirit of Gov. Tom McCall

Jerry Herrmann: Former House Republican leader has distinguished herself by working across difficult party linesChristine Drazan, raised in Klamath Falls and a supporter of timber and other rural industries, certainly understands the needs of Oregon outside of Portland. As a state representative and House Republican leader, she has demonstrated her ability to work with diverse interests, much in the spirit former Gov. Tom McCall. McCall perfected his leadership to embrace all parties. He involved all in his governorship no matter what party or affiliation. His intent and his legacy was to get things done, while protecting Oregon. Christine has distinguished...