Tom Corbin

Tom Corbin: Gunstock should be affordable for county residents

I'm not exactly sure what this Belknap County control group and their newly appointed (at least for now) commissioners have accomplished in the last six or so months except that it ain't good. I'm not in favor of turning Gunstock Mountain Resort into an unaffordable mega resort complex, however, I'm not in favor of the place losing money either. I would like to see the place I've known of as Belknap County Recreational Area since I was a kid remain as a place where county citizens can go and enjoy year round without it breaking their wallets. To me the previous commissioners and management team were doing a great job. Hopefully, there will come a day where Gunstock can support itself without constant expansion and it can still be a place for Belknap County residents can go, have a good time and not have to spend a ton of money to enjoy it.