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Tom Brokaw Fast Facts

Here’s a look at the life of Emmy award-winning news anchor Tom Brokaw. Father: Anthony Orville “Red” Brokaw, construction foreman. Mother: Eugenia “Jean” (Conley) Brokaw, post office clerk. Marriage: Meredith (Auld) Brokaw (August 17, 1962-present) Children: Sarah, 1970; Andrea, 1968; Jennifer, 1966. Education: Attended University...
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In My Own Shoes: I can confirm that Tom Brokaw was right

Newsman, journalist, and a true influencer, Tom Brokaw was the first to coin the phrase. He called them, quite simply, “The Greatest Generation.”. That term, according to Brokaw, was generally defined by those born from 1901 to 1927. They were the World War II generation characterized by an unwavering sense of personal responsibility, humility, a strong work ethic, and a faithful commitment to the task at hand. Brokaw never had the pleasure of meeting Charles Adams, but I did. Brokaw had nailed him perfectly.

Tom Brokaw narrates latest film from World War II Foundation

Legendary NBC TV News anchor Tom Brokaw is lending his voice to the 29th documentary film produced by the World War II Foundation and Tim Gray Media based in Rhode Island. The documentary, They Volunteered for this: Merrill’s Marauders, will be aired next spring by American Public Television. “Tom...

Harry Hamlin on Channeling His Tom Brokaw for NatGeo’s The Hot Zone: Anthrax [Exclusive Interview]

Harry Hamlin plays Tom Brokaw in National Geographic’s series The Hot Zone: Anthrax. (National Geographic/Peter Stranks) Harry Hamlin got to play someone he adored on screen for a long time-newsman Tom Brokaw. The famous newscaster was front and center as one of the primary targets of the anthrax terrorist in the 2000s. The mystery unfolds in the National Geographic series The Hot Zone: Anthrax as the drama retells the story on the FBI hunt to find the culprit.

Tom Brokaw narrates latest film from World War II foundation

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WLNE) – News Anchor Tom Brokaw will be featured in the 29th documentary film by the World War II Foundation and Tim Grey Media. “Tom Brokaw is a legend in television news and is also known for coming up with the phrase ‘The Greatest Generation’ when describing those Americans who fought in World War II,” said Tim Gray, President of the World War II Foundation and Filmmaker. “Tom’s voice is what you’d expect when you hear him narrate, perfection,” said Gray. “We are honored to have him narrate this documentary, especially since he does not lend his voice to many films these days.”

Tom Brokaw narrates latest documentary for World War II Foundation

It was an interesting Veterans Day for a few members of the World War II Foundation, as they met up with legendary newscaster Tom Brokaw. “He’s narrating our latest film,” Tim Gray, who is the founder and president of the non-profit organization, which is based in Rhode Island, told NBC 10 News.

Tom Brokaw Discusses His Battle With Cancer

The former reporter and NBC News anchor shares a very personal battle with cancer based on his book A Lucky Life Interrupted. Brokaw also talks about his Midwestern upbringing and how it shaped his life and career. Robin A. Johnson is a governmental relations, public policy and political consultant. He...
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Retired TV journalist Tom Brokaw recalls 9/11, the day America realized its vulnerability

On the day of 9/11, Tom Brokaw was on air live for more than 12 straight hours. Americans nationwide remember his coverage on NBC, as much of the country had their eyes fixed on news channels from morning to night. Brokaw worked through the day to inform the nation of exactly what was happening in New York City, and even more ambitiously, what to expect next, even as so much remained unknown.

DRG Media Group’s Heemstra Wins Tom Brokaw Award

PIERRE – DRG Media Group News & Farm Director Jody Heemstra has been named as the 2021 recipient of the Tom Brokaw Award, recognizing excellence in broadcasting, especially in the areas of electronic journalism and public affairs. The award is presented cooperatively between the South Dakota Broadcasters Association and the...