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Five times Meghan Markle biographer Tom Bower made bombshell claims about his subjects

Biographer Tom Bower is known for his tell-all books in which he makes bombshell claims about his subjects. The investigative journalist, who has previously written about Prince Charles, Simon Cowell, Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Branson, is now said to have Meghan Markle in his sights having reportedly signed a six-figure advance to pen a book about the Duchess.
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New Meghan Markle Tell-All From Tom Bower To 'Pull No Punches'

BBC's investigative journalist Tom Bower has been offered a six-figure deal to write a new tell-all covering the life of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. According to reports, Bower is expected to conduct his research into the duchess' biography by 2022 and will leave no stones unturned and "pull no punches" about her life story. He is said to be planning to talk to both friends and foes of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, including her family members, to give a balanced and accurate account. The journalist plans to conduct a year-long gathering of materials for the book.

Forensic biographer Tom Bower lands his next subject, Meghan Markle

Tom Bower, the master of the ‘unauthorised’ biography, has landed his next subject: the Duchess of Sussex. If Jeremy Paxman’s interview technique – known as a ‘Paxo-skewering’ – is hard to watch, often pitted against truth-dodging politicians, then Tom Bower is on another level. A forensic investigative journalist, he will be the man to sift through the very many, multifarious sources to surface the objective evidence for what he writes.

Who is Tom Bower? Biographer to write Meghan Markle story for six-figure sum, says source: 'She'll dread it'

Biographer Tom Bower has agreed to a six-figure sum to lay Meghan Markle's life bare and tell her story, sources have revealed. Bower, who is renowned for his unsparing, unauthorized biographies of well-known figures including Boris Johnson, Prince Charles and Robert Maxwell, will embark on a full year-worth of meticulous research, talking with friends, foes and associates of Harry and Meghan so that he can tell the Duchess of Susex's story, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday. "This is the book Meghan will be dreading," a source told The Sun.