Toby Miller

Toby Miller

Toby Lee Miller, a resident of Bogalusa, passed away on Monday, Nov. 7, 2022, at the age of 47. Toby is survived by his mother, Lauren Miller; two children, Taylor and Kaleb Miller; one sister, Terri (James) Rachel; and his girlfriend, Kimberly Truitt. He is also survived by his aunts, uncles, nieces and nephew.

Winter Olympic Games Athlete Profile: Toby Miller

The U.S. Olympic Men's snowboard team has not been this deep and rich with talent in years and for Toby Miller to make the team, he knows he has to step it up. The 21-year-old California Native was a champion on the junior circuit and at the X Games, but now the competition is at a much higher level and as Christine Kim found out, Toby Miller is here to stay.

Toby Miller: Focus Beyond Snowboarding | Beyond the Bib Episode 2, Season 5

Serving as the next generation of superpipe snowboarders, Team Toyota athlete Toby Miller finds boundaries with playful riding and other outlets such as photography to feed his creativity. Versatility plays a crucial role in the landscape progression, and Toby is by no means behind the curve. Watch as he embraces the challenges of snowboarding’s evolution in his second episode of Beyond the Bib, presented by Toyota.

Toby Miller: On Returning From Injury & My Hopes For The Final Olympic Halfpipe Qualifier

Toby Miller celebrates after a run in the men's snowboard halfpipe finals at the 2018 U.S. Grand Prix on Dec. 8, 2018 in Copper Mountain, Colo. The biggest moment on my radar leading up to the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 is the final U.S. Grand Prix here at Mammoth Mountain this weekend. I missed out on the two qualifying events in Aspen last season due to injury, and that has definitely put a lot of pressure on me going into this season. Having Mammoth be the final stop, this is a big one for me. I'm really looking forward to it. I put in the time and am excited to go do what I've been working towards.

Toby Miller: Training for Excellence | Beyond The Bib Presented by Toyota

Like many young snowboarders, Team Toyota athlete Toby Miller started at an early age and sharpened his skills after his first toe side turn. His parents would decide to move from Big Bear Lake to Lake Tahoe, California, where the soon-to-be snowboard champ developed his skills on larger features and better halfpipes. The move allowed access to experienced coaches and the opportunity to hang with a few of the sport’s greatest who he admired and now calls mentors and even friends. Now in reach of achieving one of his highest goals, Toby gears up, stays focused, and trains hard for what could be the next biggest chapter in his snowboard career. Follow along on his journey in this two-part series for Beyond the Bib, season five, presented by Toyota.