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Saw’s Tobin Bell Being Eyed to Return as Jigsaw in Upcoming Film

One Take News brings word that Tobin Bell could be reprising his role as John Kramer/Jigsaw in an upcoming Saw film, reportedly intended to be “a John Kramer story.” According to the outlet, the movie would be told from Kramer’s point of view and could take place before Saw III. The script for the potential tenth feature in the franchise, written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, is in the early stages. It has not yet been confirmed if talks have officially begun with Bell to make his possible return to the franchise.
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First Images Drop Of Tobin Bell In Horror Pic ‘Cello’

It looks like Tobin Bell is slipping very nicely into a new horror character. Bell–perhaps best known for his iconic portrayal of Jigsaw (John Kramer) in the classic Saw franchise–is co-starring with Oscar winner Jeremy Irons in the new horror film Cello, as reported here last week in Horror News Network. And now, courtesy of Deadline, two images from the film can be seen on this page.
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Tobin Bell Teams With Darren Lynn Bousman On ‘Cello’

The Saw gang is getting together for another dose of horror. Tobin Bell–famous for his role as John Kramer (Jigsaw) in the classic Saw franchise–and director Darren Lynn Bousman–who helmed four of those films–have just wrapped filming the new genre movie Cello, according to a report on Deadline. Cello–described as...

Darren Lynn Bousman's Upcoming Horror Movie, Cello, Starring Jeremy Irons And Tobin Bell Has Wrapped Production

Darren Lynn Bousman is known by many as the director behind much of the "Saw" franchise ("Saw II, III, IV," and "Spiral: From the Book of Saw"), the horror musicals "Repo! The Genetic Opera," and "The Devil's Carnival," as well as the immersive events like "The Tension Experience" and "One Day Die." His latest project, a horror movie titled "Cello" starring Jeremy Irons and Tobin Bell, has wrapped production in Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic. The film is written by Turki Al Alshikh, the Chairman of General Authority for Entertainment in Saudi Arabia and the Chairman of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation, who also wrote the book the film is based on. The completion of "Cello" marks the beginning of a trend of English-language projects planning on filming in Saudi Arabia.

‘Cello’ Reteams ‘Saw’ Director Darren Lynn Bousman With Star Tobin Bell

Filming has already wrapped on Cello, a brand new horror from Saw II-IV and Spiral filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman, which reteams him with Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell (above). Deadline reports on the film that’s described as an English and Arabic-language horror movie shot in Saudi Arabia and also stars Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, pictured below, Syrian actor Samer Ismail (The Day I Lost My Shadow) and Saudi actress Elham Ali (Ashman),

How Tobin Bell Felt about Not Being Included in Spiral

If anyone thought that Tobin Bell would have an issue when it came to not being included in Spiral, they were overestimating his reaction since Bell knew about it and wasn’t too bothered to hear that it was happening. One of the best points made was that Spiral was related to Saw but was trying to be its own thing. Adding Tobin to the movie would have essentially made it another Saw movie, and while the thought is that Tobin might not be done quite yet, Spiral was meant to be its own creation, as the killer was a copycat of the infamous Jigsaw, but was still very much a different person. Since its inception, Saw has become an institution unto itself, and as such could have easily taken over Spiral had such an inclusion been made. Translation, Tobin was kept out in order to keep Spiral unique. The fact that the master architect behind the many traps and devilish designs in the movie wasn’t a part of it didn’t really bother Tobin all that much since he was aware of what was going on. Had he been kept in the dark and had to find out like the rest of us then it might have been a little different, but it still feels as though he would have been supportive.

Tobin Bell Discusses Let Us In, Working With Young Actors

Now available digitally and on demand, sci-fi thriller Let Us In stars Makenzie Moss, Sadie Stanley, Mackenzie Ziegler Siena Agudong, O’Neill Monahan, and Tobin Bell. The film was directed by Craig Moss, who co-wrote the film alongside Joe Callero. “A spirited twelve-year-old girl and her best friend start investigating the...

Saw Icon Tobin Bell On Jigsaw Being Excluded From Chris Rock’s Spiral

Fans of the ultra-popular horror series Saw have really come to mentally associate Tobin Bell with the franchise. Even though Tobin Bell’s character died all the way back in Saw III, the lingering influence his character has continued to have on the franchise is a well-liked aspect that crops up through most of the series. This is why Tobin Bell’s exclusion from the latest Saw entry starring Chris Rock, titled Spiral, left some fans (myself included) yearning for the character’s return.

Q&A: Director/Co-Writer Craig Moss Discusses Making a Family-Friendly Sci-Fi Thriller and Working with Tobin Bell for LET US IN

Based on the urban legend known as "The Black-Eyed Kids" and co-starring the iconic Tobin Bell, Let Us In is now on Digital and On Demand via Samuel Goldwyn Films, and we caught up with director/co-writer Craig Moss (the filmmaker behind the Bad Ass films) to discuss the importance of making a scary story that's family-friendly, working with a horror icon, and setting the film against the backdrop of a creepy urban legend.

Discussing ‘Let Us In’ With Horror Icon Tobin Bell

Tobin Bell already had a distinguished career before becoming a horror legend with the well known Saw franchise. His new film, Let Us In, is a horror film (sci-fi horror, really) of an entirely different stripe. Starring two talented younger actors (Makenzie Moss and O’Neill Monahan as Emily and Christopher, respectively), the film is based in urban legends and showcases the diversity of Bell’s post-Saw career. I spoke with the icon about his new role, the film, and his experiences on the project.

Interview: Makenzie Moss Talks Working With Tobin Bell on Horror Sci-Fi Movie LET US IN

In the anticipation of horror sci-fi adventure thriller LET US IN which arrives on Demand and on Digital July 2nd, 2021 from Samuel Goldwyn Films, I recently had the opportunity to interview the star of this new film, Makenzie Moss (TV’s "The Unicorn") who plays a spirited twelve-year-old girl teaming up with her best friend to start investigating the sudden disappearances of several missing teens in their small town. Realizing there might be something deeper happening, Emily and Christopher might be up against forces they can't even imagine.

Let Us In Star Tobin Bell on Introducing a New Generation to Horror

The subject matter of the horror genre and its tendency to dive deep into unsettling concepts often results in such films being geared towards adults, but with the new film Let Us In, not only are the scares geared towards younger audiences, it also stars young performers, feeling more like a terrifying tale for and by burgeoning fans. When it comes to contemporary horror films, few are as known for their brutality as the Saw series, in which Tobin Bell appeared in all but the most recent Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Let Us In hits VOD and Digital HD on July 2nd.

Saw Star Tobin Bell Addresses Nearly Having a Cameo in Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Spiral: From the Book of Saw marks the ninth entry into the franchise that kicked off with Saw back in 2004, and it also marks the first entry that didn't have Tobin Bell return as John Kramer, also known as the killer Jigsaw. The film's director, Darren Lynn Bousman, did reveal that he had considered until very late into production having Bell make an appearance, with the actor recently confirming that he was aware of the possible cameo, but that he also trusts the minds behind the franchise to make the best decisions for the series. Bell can next be seen in Let Us In, which hits VOD and Digital HD on July 2nd.

Tobin Bell: I haven't watched Spiral yet

Tobin Bell hasn't seen 'Spiral: From the Book of Saw'. The 78-year-old actor plays John Kramer aka Jigsaw - the main antagonist in the horror franchise - but admits that he is yet to watch the latest movie, which stars Chris Rock in the lead role. Speaking to, he...