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The end of the Tito Ortiz show

In announcing his resignation from the Huntington Beach City Council on June 1, Tito Ortiz made a comment that epitomized his short tenure: “This job isn’t working for me.” The former mixed martial arts fighter often acted as if the job revolved around him, yet the reverse is true. Council members supposedly work for the public.
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Tito Ortiz was hailed as Huntington Beach’s Donald Trump. Where does the city go now?

From the moment Tito Ortiz entered the political arena in Huntington Beach, some of his supporters saw him as the local government version of Donald Trump. The former MMA star sailed through Huntington Harbour on his boat with “Trump” banners flying. His campaign slogan was “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again,” but his unapologetic rejection of public health orders to stem the spread of the coronavirus caused consternation at City Hall. He mocked the public health crisis as a “plandemic,” calling it a “political scam” and a form of “population control” by liberals. He spoke openly about his refusal to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Last month, he grabbed headlines when his twin sons were sent home from middle school after they arrived on campus without masks claiming religious exemption.
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Tito Ortiz resigns from Huntington Beach City Council after being the “sole focus of character assassination”

Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz has resigned from his position on the Huntington Beach City Council after just seven months in the job. Ever since he was sworn into power in the wake of the 2020 elections, Ortiz has been embroiled in a string of controversies courtesy of his views and comments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the issues have stretched far beyond this but in general, his arguments with fellow members of the council have focused on his views regarding masks and ranting about how the pandemic is playing out.
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Huntington Beach Appoints New Mayor Pro Tem Replacing Tito Ortiz

The Huntington Beach City Council has named Councilwoman Barbara Delgleize as mayor pro tem, one day after former MMA fighter Tito Ortiz abruptly resigned from the position. Delgleize, a councilwoman since 2014 and a former mayor, will hold the largely ceremonial position for the rest of the year, the Orange County Register reported.
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Tito Ortiz Resigns From City Council

Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz's brief, stormy tenure as mayor pro tem and member of the Huntington Beach, CA city council is over. The man once known as "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" resigned his position Tuesday night saying "This job isn't working for me." Ortiz had been elected last...
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Ex-UFC champ Tito Ortiz taps out as California mayor over ‘hostility’

UFC legend Tito Ortiz has tapped out early from city politics, resigning as a California councilman because he can’t handle the blows — from critics. “From day one, I was sworn in and I was met with hostility and judgment,” the UFC’s former light heavyweight champ said Tuesday as he resigned as a councilman in Huntington Beach.
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Tito Ortiz resigns as Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem, claims family target of attacks

UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz on Tuesday resigned his post as Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem, ending a tumultuous political run he said ended in attacks against his family. Ortiz, who frequently espouses QAnon conspiracy theories online and is a devout supporter of former president Donald Trump, was elected to his position this past November by over 42,000 votes. He would have become his home city’s mayor in 2022 after current Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr’s term ended. But during a city council meeting, he announced his resignation effective June 1, citing “hostility and judgement” he’d encountered since his swearing in.