Tiphanie Yanique

81C Presents a Poetic Celebration Featuring Tiphanie Yanique, George Silcott Jr.

81C presents “Voices of Love,” a poetic celebration featuring Tiphanie Yanique and George Silcott Jr. This exclusive ticketed event will take place at 2 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 13. Attendees will experience a social mixer featuring champagne and island-sourced artisan bites by Chef Augustin Kelvin Holder. A reading, author presentation, audience Q&A, and moderated discussion will follow in 81C’s gallery space, including a book signing for Tiphanie Yanique’s “Monster in the Middle.” It will be moderated by Elaine Jacobs. This event is sponsored in part by the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI).
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Tiphanie Yanique on Breaking the Rules of Form

The following first appeared in Lit Hub’s Craft of Writing newsletter—sign up here. One of the most taught and familiar forms of fiction is Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. This form is so ubiquitous, so much a part of the zeitgeist that I can’t even tell you when I first heard of it. Campbell himself argued that this form is found in all cultures and can be applied to most stories. But when an old, and in this case dead, white man, insists that something he “discovered” is universal, this alone is reason to be suspicious.

Writers@Drew Welcomes Tiphanie Yanique

The former Drew University professor shares her experiences writing across multiple genres. November 2021 – Writers@Drew welcomed novelist, poet, essayist, and short story writer Tiphanie Yanique. The author, who is an associate professor of English and creative writing at Emory University, has earned a litany of global literary awards for...

Tiphanie Yanique and Dawnie Walton on music, monsters, and family baggage

There was a time when the kind of music you listened to could fully define the kind of lifestyle you led, says Dawnie Walton, author of The Final Revival of Opal and Nev. It's less restricting now, but your taste in music can still say quite a bit about who you are. In her book and in Tiphanie Yanique's novel Monster in the Middle, music plays at the center of its characters' stories, as they wrestle with figuring out who they are in their relationships, with significant others and their families. NPR's Scott Simon talks with each author about it in today's episode.

Author Tiphanie Yanique Promoting Her New Novel in USVI Appearances

The U.S. Virgin Islands art scene is welcoming home a locally grown V.I. author who won national acclaim with her first novel, “Land of Love and Drowning,” which was published in 2014. Tiphanie Yanique is coming home to appear at events on St. Thomas and St. John, in person and in the virtual world as she shares her new novel with the territory.
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Tiphanie Yanique on Moving Beyond Traditional Hero Narratives

I first read Tiphanie Yanique’s work in 2010, when I reviewed her first story collection, How to Escape from a Leper Colony, for The Daily Beast. Set mostly in the Caribbean, the stories invoke a chorus of distinctive voices, yokes past and present, and fluidly juggles points of view. The title story, set in 1939, revolves around a 14-year-old sent to a leper colony on an island off the coast of Trinidad, whose secret meetings with an older boy named Lazaro lead to disaster. A haunting disaster “The Saving Work” is a more modern tale about two white American women who marry Black island men, and whose hatred grows as their children are to be married. “Between Deirdre and Violet there is more than a fire,” Yanique writes. “There is something more destructive. It is something like history and the future converted into flesh. They have children between them. And now they have their similar histories and their common futures like a leash from one to another.”

Novelist Tiphanie Yanique to Sign Books at Bajo El Sol Art Gallery

Bajo El Sol Gallery will host a book signing for Tiphanie Yanique at 5 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 28, on St. John. A deeply influential storyteller, Tiphanie Yanique is known for her outstanding ability to take readers on a journey through time, place and relationships. Yanique is praised (NPR) for weaving “lurid, yet layered and literary” prose that “echoes the richness of Gabriel García Márquez and Toni Morrison” (Buzzfeed).