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White House Advisor Tim Wu Hold Millions in Bitcoin

In recent personal finance disclosures uncovered by Politico, it came to light that White House advisor Tim Wu holds a significant amount in Bitcoin. According to the filing, Wu’s portfolio is made up of between $1 million and $5 million worth of Bitcoin, which is by far his most significant investment holding. Also, Wu holds between $100,001 and $250,000 in Filecoin, which is a storage platform for cryptocurrency.
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White House Advisor Tim Wu Holds 'Between $1M And $5M' In Bitcoin, Filing Shows

What Happened: Tim Wu, a high-level technology and policy advisor to the White House, holds a significant portion of his net worth in cryptocurrency. According to a recently filed personal financial disclosure reported by Politico, Wu revealed that he owns between $1 million and $5 million in leading crypto asset Bitcoin and between $100,001 and $250,000 in decentralized storage blockchain token Filecoin.
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‘Net Neutrality’ Father Tim Wu Owns At Least $1 Million in Bitcoin

The father of ”net neutrality” – Tim Wu – owns at least $1 million in bitcoin. Tim Wu – a leading antitrust expert at the White House – owns between $1 and $5 million in bitcoin. His crypto investment represents the largest chunk of his portfolio. The Critic Turned out...
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Tim Wu on the Corporate Dangers of a Return to Fascism

In this episode of Just the Right Book with Roxanne Coady, Tim Wu joins Roxanne to discuss his book, The Curse of Bigness, out now in paperback. Tim Wu: Neither a nationalist or fascist leader really wants accountability. The one doesn’t want competition and the other doesn’t want voters. But they are in some sense similar. The danger of a return to fascism is the fear that the monopolies and the leader realize that their interests are in common. That’s what happened in Germany, Japan, and Spain pre-WWII, and that’s what we need to watch for. Antitrust law is like a safeguard. It has an incredibly important constitutional role of limiting private power.

Big Tech Showdown Looms As Biden Taps Top Critics Lina Khan, Tim Wu

Lina Khan, a prominent antitrust scholar who advocates for stricter regulation of Big Tech, may be about to become one of the industry's newest watchdogs. President Biden on Monday nominated Khan to the Federal Trade Commission, an agency tasked with enforcing competition laws. She is the splashiest addition to Biden's growing roster of Big Tech critics, including fellow Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu, who announced earlier this month he would join the National Economic Council.
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Anti-trust advocate Lina Khan is on track for nomination to join the FTC in sign of a Joe Biden crackdown on big tech following appointment of Facebook critic Tim Wu

President Joe Biden is making moves to elevate another progressive with antitrust views on big tech with the likely nomination of Lina Khan to join the Federal Trade Commission. A source with knowledge of the situation said Tuesday that Khan, a professor at Columbia Law School, was being vetted for...
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Antitrust Activist Economist Tim Wu Joins Biden Staff As Adviser

An influential critic of some of the biggest Silicon Valley technology companies has landed a seat on President Joe Biden’s economic council. Tim Wu was named Friday (March 5) as Biden’s Special Assistant to the President for Technology and Competition Policy, the White House announced in a press release. Wu...

Biden adds Big Tech critic Tim Wu to his economic staff

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Joe Biden on Friday rounded out his White House staff with a top adviser who has advocated for breaking up Big Tech companies along with a host of new appointments focused on COVID-19, criminal justice and the U.S. economy. The White House announced six additional staffers...

Biden administration confirms it’s hiring Big Tech critic Tim Wu

The White House on Friday announced that prominent Big Tech critic Tim Wu is joining its National Economic Council, with the move following reports last week that said the Biden administration would hire him. Wu, a Columbia University law professor known for coining the term “net neutrality,” has been described...

Tim Wu, a leading critic of Big Tech, joins the Biden administration

President Joe Biden on Friday appointed Tim Wu, a Columbia University law professor and leading critic of Big Tech, to the National Economic Council as a special assistant for technology and competition policy. The move could signal that the Biden administration is prepared to challenge the size and power of tech companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook.

Antitrust crusader Tim Wu likely landing in the White House

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