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Psychonauts 2 creator Tim Schafer shoots down Warcraft remake

In the wake of Psychonauts 2's acclaimed launch last year, Double Fine founder Tim Schafer has opened up about the future of the studio. He says it will focus on creating original games instead of working on established series, dismissing the idea it could revive a canceled Warcraft adventure game.
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Double Fine head Tim Schafer says its next game won't be a sequel or adaptation

Double Fine studio head Tim Schafer recently gave an interview to IGN's Ryan McCaffrey fresh on the heels of Psychonauts 2 winning Game of the Year and Schafer himself receiving the Andrew Yoon Legend Award at the 2022 New York Game Awards. In the interview, Schafer provided some insight into the course of his career, Double Fine and its relationship with Microsoft, and what's next for the studio.

Psychonauts' Tim Schafer has no interest in Double Fine movie adaptations

In a world where video games seem to be fair picking for movie adaptations, Psychonauts' Tim Schafer just doesn't see that sort of thing happening in Double Fine's future. Psychonauts 2, the most recent game from Double Fine, was met with overwhelming praise on its release. Eurogamer's Edwin Evans-Thirlwell called it "witty, eccentric and imaginative" during his review, noting it had a "more developed understanding of mental health" than its predecessor. More recently, the mix of hallucinogenic gameplay and emotional storytelling won Psychonauts 2 the Game of the Year accolade at the New York Game Awards. But even with this success, Double Fine's founder Tim Schafer revealed that a movie adaptation of any of his games is not something he is interested in.

Tim Schafer says new IP only, no Warcraft Adventures remake

While StarCraft: Ghost and the MMORPG Titan are Blizzard’s most famous cancelled games, they aren’t the only ones. Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans was an early, pre-WoW attempt to expand the Warcraft lore through a point-and-click adventure game. But now that Activision Blizzard is about to be under the same banner as the adventure veterans at Double Fine, is there hope for a revival?

Tim Schafer Is The Legend Winner For The 11th New York Game Awards!

Tim Schafer is a legend within the gaming industry as the founder of the acclaimed studio Double Fine recently responsible for the outstanding Psychonauts 2. Now Schafer will receive the Andrew Yoon Legend Award at this year's New York Video Game Critics Circle. Time Schafer and his studio have been...

Tim Schafer Answers 23 Questions

Tim Schafer is the creative mind behind games like Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Broken Age, and, most recently, the action platformer Psychonauts 2. Tim's career goes back 30 years, starting at LucasArts co-writing The Secret of Monkey Island. In 2000, however, Tim set on his own path and founded Double Fine Productions, with its debut title being the cult-classic Psychonauts. In the above video, Tim answers 23 questions like "what's the hardest part of writing?", or "what's Psychonauts 2's biggest inspirations?"

Psychonauts 2’s Tim Schafer Says Double Fine’s Output Works Well With Xbox Game Pass

After many years of being independent, bouncing from various publishers to self-publishing the many variety of games they develop, developer Double Fine was one of the many studios swooped up by Microsoft in their buying spree over the last few years. Emotions and feelings are always mixed when things like this happen, since it most likely means going forward the once multiplatform developer will have their games now restricted to the Xbox ecosystem. The company’s latest release, the long in-development Psychonauts 2, is out now and the studio founder has thoughts on how they’ll fit into their parent company’s new strategy.

Inside the mind of Tim Schafer

Psychonauts 2 is set for release on Wednesday, which means that Double Fine Productions' very first game will be receiving its first full sequel some 16 years after the original launched. The two games serve as bookends for Double Fine's first phase of existence as an independent developer. One was...