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Connie Tuori’s family: Tim Green companies bear responsibility for our aunt’s murder (Guest Opinion)

My aunt, Connie Tuori, was a beloved and eccentric member of our family. She was a fiercely independent and adventurous woman who spent her adult life traveling all over the world. She often traveled alone and often stayed in less than luxurious accommodations in developing nations, such as youth hostels and a yurt in Mongolia (not long after breaking a hip in Malaysia on a prior trip when she was in her 80s).
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Former NFL star Tim Green reveals how ALS altered his outlook on life

Former NFL star Tim Green opened up on how living with ALS impacted his outlook on life Wednesday on "Fox News Primetime." "Having ALS has only heightened my gratefulness for all the blessings in my life, especially my beautiful wife and our five kids and five grandkids," Green told host Brian Kilmeade.
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Tim Green – In New Light

Tim Green has just dropped his ‘In New Light’ remix album featuring Mathew Jonson, Lost Desert, Dave DK, Janus Rasmussen, and more. The album celebrates 15 years of his releases, so we asked him to talk us through it, Track By Track. ‘For a Memory’ features 8 remixes...

Safra presents Tim Green, Zach Walker & more

Safra & the Midway present: Tim Green(All day I Dream), Zach Walker(Pink Mammoth), and Moya at the Midway. Tim Green's ability to effortlessly maneuver and experiment across the spectrum of electronic music has never been more evident than it is today. Whether putting out reverberating house & techno that sends dance floors into a frenzy or writing radio-friendly alternative pop music under the moniker Invisible Minds, his work is always stamped with fearlessness. 'I think diversity in music is the most important thing. The more colors you have in your palette, the more creative and interesting the results can be.

Tim Green is no hero to his tenants (Your Letters)

I have read the two-page spread on Tim Green in the first section of Sunday’s Post-Standard with both sorrow for his family and anger about the treatment his family has given the Syracuse residents whom they have abused and mistreated in the apartment complexes that they own (”A visit with Tim Green: Despite ALS, ‘every day is full for me’ (video),” Sept. 21, 2021). And anger at the P-S for seemingly making him a hero for dealing with a dreadful illness. My father-in-law died of ALS and it is without doubt a very difficult road.

A visit with Tim Green: Despite ALS, ‘every day is full for me’ (Good Morning CNY for Sept. 22)

Subscribe to get the Good Morning, CNY newsletter (brought to you by Kinney Drugs) delivered to your email inbox weekday mornings. FIRST LOOK: MANGIA BENE: The Spicy Fire Burger is one of five burgers available at Mangia Bene Italian Kitchen & Market, a new store/meat market/restaurant/caterer in Lakeland. What can you expect if you stop here? We went for a visit. (Charlie Miller photo)

A visit with Tim Green: Despite ALS, ‘every day is full for me’

Skaneateles, N.Y. — The bright screen of a tablet silhouettes Tim Green’s face as he finishes up a work call here in the living room of his lakeside mansion. It’s almost noon on a dreary Wednesday in early September, and Green is ready to move from one appointment to the next in what has been a common routine despite no longer being able to talk, walk or use most of his muscles.

Despite ALS Challenges, Ex-NFL Player Tim Green Releases Another Book

Three years ago, we brought you a story about former NFL player and MORNING EDITION commentator Tim Green. He was battling ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Green and his doctors believed it was caused at least partly by football. While his body deteriorates, Green's mind remains sharp. He's now written a new personal book for kids. NPR's Tom Goldman reports.