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LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, And Tim Duncan Have Played In 22 Of The Last 24 NBA Finals

LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, and Tim Duncan. These 4 players have quite a few things in common. All 4 players were able to have incredibly successful stints in the NBA, where they won multiple NBA championships and individual accolades. On top of that, all 4 are considered some of the greatest players of all time and have created a legacy that will not soon be forgotten.
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Charles Barkley gushes over 'humble' Giannis Antetokounmpo, compares him to Tim Duncan

Charles Barkley is not shy when it comes to expressing his opinion - that's what he's paid for. But he seems to have a lot of love for Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo. After the Bucks won the championship over the Suns last season he said, "If you’re not happy for Giannis Antetokounmpo, there’s something wrong with you. He represents everything that is great about basketball."

2015 Tim Duncan basketball card sells at auction for an astronomical price

SAN ANTONIO — The trading card world is taking off as collectors are scooping up any and all cards to secure their next big find. Whether it is a rare Michael Jordan rookie card or a potential NBA star in the 2022 NBA Draft, collecting cards and selling them is big business as we see in a recent eBay auction featuring a San Antonio Spurs legend: Tim Duncan.
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Tim Duncan kicks off the “Drive for Five”

8 years ago today on Easter Sunday, Tim Duncan led the Spurs to a 90-85 Game 1 comeback victory over the Dallas Mavericks in their first round match-up of an NBA Playoffs that would ultimately culminate in their redemption. Duncan, who suffers an injury scare late in the 3rd quarter after knocking knees with Monte Ellis, scores 9 of his team-high 27 points in the final quarter, all while spearheading a Spurs’ defense that holds the Mavericks to just a single field goal over the final 7 minutes of the game. His 38 minutes were also a team-high.
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The Tim Duncan highlight reel you never knew existed

For the last 17 years, the video sharing service YouTube has been the online destination for videos of all kinds and while the search algorithm has changed since its inception, it’s still usually the site one pulls up if you want to show a friend everything from a funny clip from that show you love to that viral moment at that award show that they somehow missed and, of course, basketball highlights. While searches seem to display the same couple of dozen videos and well-known content creators, there’s still a chance of unearthing a treasure among all the usual stuff that’s bound to be generated.
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How the Steph Curry–Led Warriors Connect to the Tim Duncan–Led Spurs

Logan and Raja dig into their feelings about UNC beating Duke over the weekend (1:00), where Lakers head coach Frank Vogel could end up when he inevitably gets fired after this disastrous season (11:00), and what more the Nets need on their coaching staff (22:00). Then Logan describes his theory of how the present-day Steph Curry–led Warriors connect to the Tim Duncan–led Spurs (26:00) before Raja explains why we haven’t yet been able to have a Bridgerton Boys appearance with Season 2 up on Netflix (37:00).
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Spurs fan creates 'Hamilton'-style tribute music video to legend Tim Duncan

A Tony for a Timmy song? That's what Spurs fans are calling for after a fellow diehard spun Lin-Manuel Miranda's 2015 song "Alexander Hamilton" from the Tony Award-winning musical Hamilton to tell the story of Tim Duncan's championship career in San Antonio. Ivy Meehan created the remixed song in honor...

Tony Award-worthy! Fan submits her Tim Duncan-themed musical idea

SAN ANTONIO — Don't be surprised if you hear about a new musical called "Tim Duncan" coming to a theater near you. Or at least that is the hope for one big Duncan fan. Ivy Meehan, a radio color analyst for High School football according to her Twitter profile, decided to take her bank shot and hope musical genius, Lin-Manuel Miranda, takes her offer to help co-write "Tim Duncan: The Musical."