Tiffany Williams

LISTEN: Tiffany Williams, “The Sea”

In Their Words: “An extended metaphor song, after ‘Hares On the Mountain’ and ‘Rock Salt and Nails.’ A gentle oscillation between the hypothetical ‘If you were this, I would be this.’ Grounded in the natural world, this is a song of abiding love, regardless of physical form. The track benefits greatly from the brilliance of Ben Sollee, whose cello takes on a sort of electric, undulating wave pattern and plummets leagues below before soaring skyward again. Because this was during Covid, he recorded remotely in his home studio, but the feel he captured for the song would lead you to believe he was there in the room feeling the energy of the track in real time. The video was created by Lucky Platt, a Maine-based animator, storyteller, and author of the children’s book Imagine a Wolf. You can learn more about her here.” — Tiffany Williams.
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