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Cannes Chief Thierry Frémaux Responds To Russian Oligarch Question & Deadline’s Censorship Story

Click here to read the full article. Cannes Film Festival chief Thierry Frémaux took part in a ‘meet the press’ session with journalists in Cannes yesterday afternoon. The long-time chief was asked multiple questions about the festival’s stance towards Russia and about Deadline’s censorship story from yesterday. Given that the festival has a ban on Russian journalists from pro-Putin publications and on state-sponsored Russian delegations, he was asked the extent to which Cannes was concerned about the sanctioned Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich being a financier of Competition film Tchaikovsky’s Wife (whose director Kirill Serebrennikov is a Russian dissident). Frémaux, who noted that he received...
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Why Deadline Can’t Publish Our Magazine Interview With Cannes Film Festival Head Thierry Frémaux

Click here to read the full article. Long a bastion of artistic freedom, the Cannes Film Festival has a secret: it censors interviews with festival head Thierry Frémaux. The festival has not only been demanding copy approval as a condition for interviews with Frémaux (something no other festival or organization has asked of us), but after pledging not to make any changes to copy, it has been removing content including potentially uncomfortable answers from Frémaux relating to diversity and controversial filmmakers. Last month we were in Paris following the lineup announcement to interview Frémaux about the selection and the festival more generally...
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Cannes Chief Thierry Fremaux Denies Festival Is Censoring the Press

Cannes Film Festival’s chief Thierry Fremaux didn’t just have to field questions about Russia and the dearth of female directors at the fest during his meeting with journalists on Monday afternoon. He also had to address a claim that the festival is attempting to censor the press — and confirmed that he has asked publications to revise his quotes.

How Cannes Topper Thierry Fremaux Is Guiding 75th Edition of the Film Festival Through a Fast-Changing World

Click here to read the full article. Presiding over the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, director Thierry Frémaux has assembled some serious Hollywood star power, world cinema auteurs amid indications that despite COVID, the film world is buzzing with anticipation for the films, the deals and most of all the glamour the fest brings. While Frémaux has been credited with expanding the horizons of the Cannes Film Festival since taking over the reins of its Official Selection in 2001, he’s also been praised for building relationships with American studios and filmmakers. This year, he’s lured them back in spite of...

Cannes Burning Questions: Thierry Fremaux on Russian Boycott, Women Directors and Netflix

Click here to read the full article. A few hours after unveiling Cannes Film Festival’s 2022 Official Selection on the Champs Elysees, artistic director Thierry Fremaux sat down with Variety to discuss the festival’s drive to not give in to calls for a cultural boycott of Russian films and filmmakers, efforts to have more female directors in competition, discussions to bring back streamers in a near future and what those rumors about David Lynch in the lineup were about. The all-star competition lineup of this upcoming 75th edition boasts no less than four Palme d’Or winning directors, including Japanese master...

Cannes Chief Thierry Frémaux Reveals What Gave Him Pause During The 75th Anniversary Selection, The Chances Of A Flyby For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ & Whether He Enjoys Prediction Pieces

Click here to read the full article. When we sit down with Thierry Frémaux he is in pensive mood. As is his wont. Perhaps more than ever, the longtime Cannes Film Festival artistic director says he and his team of selectors were given pause for thought this year. In the age of Twitter and TikTok, do audiences still want to connect with the demanding art of auteur filmmakers? This was just one of the subjects of our chat following Thursday morning’s Cannes lineup reveal in Paris. On the whole, the event’s 75th anniversary selection doesn’t disappoint. The Competition features four previous Palme d’Or...