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Theresa May: Women who work from home risk ‘losing out’ in their careers

A culture of working from home means that women risk “losing out” against men, Theresa May has warned. The former prime minister welcomed the right to request flexible working but cautioned that “out of sight can be out of mind” if women do not have regular, in-person interactions with their employers.
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Hillsborough Law would be valuable legacy to the 97 victims, says Theresa May

People bereaved in public tragedies must have an advocate to ensure that the "injustice heaped on injustice" the Hillsborough disaster families suffered is not repeated, Theresa May has said. It follows renewed calls for a Hillsborough Law to ensure fairer treatment for bereaved families. Former prime minister Mrs May said...

Theresa May: Every MP has lost a friend following murder of Sir David Amess

Every MP has “lost a friend” following Sir David Amess’s death, Theresa May said, as a sombre House of Commons gathered to pay tribute to the murdered MP. Conservative former prime minister Mrs May held up Sir David as an example of how MPs should go about serving the public if they want to be a “first-class constituency MP”.

Chief of Staff: Notes from Downing Street by Gavin Barwell review – sympathy for Theresa May

As part of the first inside account of one of the most turbulent periods in British politics, Gavin Barwell documents what he calls one of the “worst days” in his two years as Theresa May’s most senior adviser, 4 December 2017. A meeting between May and Jean-Claude Juncker is supposed to solve the problem of the UK/Ireland border and allow the next phase of the Brexit talks to begin.

The Real Reason Former Prime Minister Theresa May Eats Moldy Jam

For something that is supposed to protect the lifespan of the foods we hold so dear, refrigerators are frequently dark places crammed with rotting lettuce, green cheese, and long-forgotten healthy eating experiments. Of course, fridges themselves are only partly to blame for the deaths of so many potentially delicious products...

Global Britain is ‘shut for business’, warns Theresa May

Britain is “shut for business” because of travel restrictions that are “incomprehensible” in one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, Theresa May has warned. In a forthright attack on the Government’s Covid policy, the former prime minister said that if ministers blocked travel every time there was a new variant, “we will never be able to travel abroad ever again”.

Donald Trump said he’d give £100k ‘not to hear Theresa May talk’

Donald Trump said he would pay £100,000 to avoid hearing Theresa May speak after learning she was charging that much to give a speech. According to this week's Spectator, Piers Morgan said he informed Donald Trump just before the last US election that former prime minister Theresa May "gets paid more than £100,000 a pop for speeches".
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Gavin Williamson leak damaged trust in security council, says Theresa May

Gavin Williamson undermined for a period the trust of intelligence agencies and others that was needed for them to offer unvarnished advice to ministers when he allegedly leaked information from the national security council (NSC) as defence secretary, Theresa May has said. Giving evidence to a parliamentary committee, the former...

Cameron criticises successors May and Johnson and insists Brexit referendum ‘was properly thought-through’

David Cameron made a foray back into politics to criticise his successors in Downing Street over their handling of national security issues and international affairs. Appearing before the National Security Strategy Committee on Monday, the former prime minister said Theresa May made a “very bad mistake” allowing the role of Cabinet secretary and national security adviser to be merged, with Sir Mark Sedwill holding both roles during her tenure in Downing Street.

David Cameron criticises successor Theresa May over her management of Whitehall

David Cameron has accused Theresa May of making a “very bad mistake” by combining the role of National Security Adviser and Cabinet Secretary during her tenure. The former prime minister heaped criticism on his successor, saying her decision in 2018 to hand both roles to one person, Sir Mark Sedwill, “temporarily weakened” Whitehall’s national security infrastructure.

Travel roadmap not fast enough for summer holidays, warns Theresa May

Boris Johnson's plan to reopen international travel does not go fast enough to allow a summer holiday season and could put hopes of a swift industry recovery at risk, his predecessor Theresa May has said. Mr Johnson pledged to map out a return to foreign vacations by Apr 12 and...
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How Donald Trump's hand-holding led to panicky call home by Theresa May

For the former prime minister Theresa May, one of the most pressing matters she confronted during her encounter with Donald Trump a few days after his inauguration went beyond mere diplomacy. May had travelled to Washington in 2017 with the intention of persuading the new US president to make a...