Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

In early 20th Century, U.S. expanded, grew into world power. U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt said “Believe and you’re halfway there.” Throughout his presidency from 1901-1909, he pushed lawmakers and citizens to dream and experiment. During this decade Americans dealt with social issues, businesses expanded, and manufacturers introduced new products, including paper towels, paper cups, Hershey bars, and crayons. Let us...

#4. Theodore Roosevelt

- 26th president (Sept. 14, 1901-March 4, 1909) - Political party: Republican - Overall C-SPAN score: 785 --- Political persuasion score: 90.3 (#3) --- Crisis leadership score: 80.8 (#4) ...

President Theodore Roosevelt visits Tacoma on May 22, 1903.

On May 22, 1903, President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt (1856-1919) visits Tacoma on his tour of the Pacific Coast. Following a celebratory procession through the city, the president stops at Wright Park, where he gives a speech to a crowd of thousands about the need for a strong navy. A 35-piece band plays for half-an-hour before the president is introduced by Tacoma Mayor Louis Campbell. Later, Roosevelt lays a cornerstone for a new Masonic Temple in Tacoma and then repairs to his rooms at the Tacoma Hotel, where he stays the night before traveling on to Bremerton and Seattle the following day.

President Theodore Roosevelt Quotes for the Outsider In All of Us

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,” and other Theodore Roosevelt quotes for the Outsider to live by. Few men in history have embodied what it means to be an Outsider like ‘The Conservation President,’ Theodore Roosevelt. His was a life based on wonder and discovery, hard word and even harder play. His tenure as the 26th President of the United States was only one of many remarkable achievements as a result, and Roosevelt’s time-well-spent left us with an exceptional library of quotes that speak to the life of an Outsider.
Marshall Independent

1910: Theodore Roosevelt briefly visits Marshall

Publisher’s Note: The following article, published in the Sept. 9, 1910 edition of The News Messenger highlights the brief and fabled visit of president Theodore Roosevelt as he was traveling to Minneapolis to speak at the State Fair. A portion of this article will be featured in the new book: “The Sesquicentennial: Cultivating 150 Years of History in Marshall and Lyon County.” Books can be ordered for $44.95 by calling The Independent or filling out the form included in an advertisement in today’s paper.

Is Theodore Roosevelt in the Showtime Series 'The First Lady'?

Oftentimes when we revisit past eras of American history, we center them around who the president was at the time. Watergate? Nixon. The American Revolution? George Washington, of course. World War II? FDR. Change we can believe in? Obama, naturally!. However, in the new Showtime series The First Lady, history...

Angie Richman named Theodore Roosevelt National Park superintendent

Angie Richman will begin as Theodore Roosevelt National Park’s superintendent in May. As a 23-year veteran of the National Park Service, Richman has worked in a variety of national parks through the western United States and currently serves as Director of Interpretation, Education and Visitor Services for Arches and Canyonlands national parks in Utah, according to NPS Regional Director Bert Frost.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize: How You Can Win $100K for Wildlife Conservation

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize is the perfect way to promote wildlife conservation. We know that so many of you Outsiders are very fond of the great outdoors. There’s no denying that the last couple of years has been tough thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But one bright spot has been the fact that so many people have reconnected with nature. We have found solace, health benefits, physical recreation, and much more just from spending time outdoors. However, we need to remember that our wildlife and their habitats are facing challenges during this time as well.

Theodore Roosevelt wins inaugural award

Theodore Roosevelt Warrior Restaurant was named the inaugural Warrior Restaurant of the Quarter during a ceremony at the facility Tuesday. “You are supposed to sustain the warfighter, and anybody else who comes through those doors, with the most nutritious, healthy meal that you can,” announced Timothy Woods, food program manager with the Army Field Support Battalion – Fort Hood. “It’s obvious that you did that because you’re the recipient of the inaugural Best Warrior Restaurant of the Quarter.”