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Chris Hemsworth Kicks off Thor: Love and Thunder Press Tour With Photo With Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson

As fans wait for our first official looks at the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, star Chris Hemsworth took to Instagram today to confirm that the early stages of the press tour is kicking off, as he shared a photo of himself with costar Tessa Thompson and director Taika Waititi. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hitting theaters next month, Marvel Studios will likely be putting their promotional focus on that sequel, but with the new Thor debuting just two months later, this latest post from Hemsworth will surely build excitement for the highly anticipated film. Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8th.
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Halle Berry, Tessa Thompson and More Are Screen Queens Rising in the Newest Soul of a Nation Special

“It’s 2022 and women are still struggling—and also thriving. Both are true,” says actress Regina Hall in the trailer for Soul of a Nation: Screen Queens Rising. Airing Thursday, Feb.3 , the latest special in ABC’s Soul of a Nation series will put a spotlight on Black American actresses of the past and present as part of ABC’s Black History Month coverage.

The Cinematography of ‘Passing’ Captures Tessa Thompson’s Unease in White — and Black — Spaces

“Passing” follows its main character Irene (Tessa Thompson) closely, because it has to. The protagonist of Rebecca Hall’s adaptation of the Nella Larson novel emotes in hidden bursts and snatches. Blink and you’ll miss it. Driven by the rhythms and occasional excitements of everyday life, the film features groceries as much as it does jazz galas, and uses its black-and-white cinematography and narrow aspect ratio (the film is shot in a boxier 4:3 frame as opposed to standard modern widescreen) as windows into Irene’s world. That world is as painfully constrained — by color, gender, and class — as the film...
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Thor: Love And Thunder’s Tessa Thompson On Being ‘Nervous’ To Accidentally Reveal Spoilers

Spoilers aren’t a new concern for the MCU. Plenty of Marvel film or television shows have sprung a leak, with the perfect example being the whole “will-they-won’t-or-they-will” dilemma surrounding Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man: No Way Home. As most fans know, Marvel Studios is a tight vault that doesn’t like when information gets past them. The contracts alone have scared stars like Salma Hayek from talking about their MCU involvement. Thor: Love and Thunder’s Tessa Thompson has now joined that category. She spoke up about her nervousness regarding accidentally revealing Thor 4 spoilers.

Tessa Thompson Nervous About Dropping Thor: Love and Thunder Spoilers

Tessa Thompson is worried about doing interviews and spoiling Thor: Love and Thunder!. There is little doubt that being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an exciting job since you're working with some of the best and brightest talents in the business. In addition to that, you are usually one of the first to know what is happening in an upcoming blockbuster. Tessa Thompson may be loving working on MCU projects but she's also a little nervous when it's time to do interviews. That's because the Thor: Love and Thunder star is worried she might spoil something important in the highly anticipated sequel!

How Tessa Thompson Is Preparing For Her Return In Michael B. Jordan’s Creed 3

Tessa Thompson has been receiving praise for her performance in one of Netflix's best films in 2021, Passing. Aside from that, though, she's been busy with other projects that are awaiting release or are in the midst of production. One of those projects is Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut, Creed III, in which she returns as Bianca Taylor. Getting back into the world of the Rocky franchise required some preparation on Thompson’s part, though, and the star recently spilled about what she's done to prepare for the upcoming sequel.