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‘The Unknown Country’ Review: A Stunning Spiritual Companion to Terrence Malick and ‘Nomadland’

Click here to read the full article. To deem Morrisa Maltz a spiritual disciple of revered master Terrence Malick may seem too facile a reference. Still, the evident links are all there: she’s from Texas and made a movie that traverses the Badlands of South Dakota for her heroine to get back to “The Lone Star State.” But while the stirring visual fluidity of “The Unknown Country,” her first fiction feature and , provides further arguments pointing to Malick likely being an influence, what distinguishes Maltz’s approximation to that style of evocatively loose filmmaking is that it’s grounded on the personal...

Colin Farrell Tells A “Beautiful” Story About Terrence Malick Filming In A Lightning Storm During ‘The New World’

Despite being one of the most acclaimed and iconic American filmmakers to ever grace the medium, Terrence Malick remains a pretty big mystery to many film fans. This, largely, has to do with the fact that Malick is reluctant to do any sort of press and doesn’t make massive Hollywood blockbusters. He releases a new film on his own schedule and only makes movies about subjects he finds interesting enough to work on. But even when working with Malick, as in the case of Colin Farrell, who acted in “The New World,” you still don’t fully understand what makes the man tick.

Colin Farrell Recalls a Distracted Terrence Malick Shooting Amid Lightning Storm on ‘New World’

Click here to read the full article. Terrence Malick will do anything to get the shot — even if it interrupts a scene. During the March 3 episode of First We Feast’s “Hot Ones,” Colin Farrell relived the constant surprises he experienced on set when working with “extraordinary fellow” Malick on the 2005 film “A New World.” Writer-director Malick’s dedication to filmmaking came at a few costs, including multiple takes and a life-threatening decision mid-storm. “I remember one time there was a rainstorm when we were shooting in West Virginia, sheet lightning coming down and then forks, loud, loud, claps of thunder,...

Rushes: M. Night Shyamalan x Berlinale, Terrence Malick x Ford, Xavier Dolan x Adele

Get in touch to send in cinephile news and discoveries. For daily updates follow us @NotebookMUBI. Berlinale has announced that the one and only M. Night Shyamalan will serve as the Jury President for the festival's 2022 edition. In a statement, Shyamalan said: "I have always felt like an independent filmmaker within the system of Hollywood. It is exactly those things in us that are different and unorthodox that define our voice. I have tried to maintain these things in myself and cheer others on to protect those aspects in their art and in themselves. Being asked to be a part of Berlinale is deeply meaningful to me. It represents the highest imprimatur for a filmmaker. Being able to support and celebrate the world’s very best talent in storytelling is a gift I happily accepted.”
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Art House God Terrence Malick Is Now Selling Cars for Ford. What a Surprise.

Many consider Terrence Malick to be a cinematic genius and philosopher who thinks very deeply. His 2011 film The Tree of Life brought the birth of the universe, the formation galaxies, the ripples of time, the days of the dinosaurs, and an afterlife of Plutonic forms right into the suburban home of an all-American family — severe daddy, dreamy mommy, and a moody son with a dead brother.

Watch: Terrence Malick Has Directed a Ford Commercial Narrated by Don Cheadle

It looks like Sonic Drive-In will not be the last American brand that Terrence Malick captures on film. As the director continues to toil away in the editing room on his Biblical epic The Way of the Wind, he’s found the time to team with Ford to direct a new commercial for the car company.

‘Eternals’: Chloé Zhao Drew Inspiration From Terrence Malick, Christopher Nolan, Denis Villeneuve & More For Her Marvel Film

With the release of most Marvel Studios films, inevitably the filmmaker behind the feature is asked about any sort of cinematic inspirations that went into the making of the latest superhero epic. And for “Eternals,” director Chloé Zhao drew inspiration from some surprising films from some of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

Terrence Malick, Gu Changwei Among Filmmakers Linked to Cannes XR Program

From Terrence Malick to Gu Changwei, there are some familiar and high-profile names associated with the Marché du Film’s Cannes XR program. Dedicated to immersive entertainment, this week’s Cannes XR has two main ambitions, according to Guillaume Esmiol, deputy director of the Marché du Film. The first is to support...

‘Fear Street’ Director Leigh Janiak On Upending Horror Tropes, How Terrence Malick Inspired The R.L. Stine Adaptation & More [The Fourth Wall]

R. L. Stine is back on our screens in top form with Netflix’s “Fear Street” trilogy, based on the author’s massive and iconic book series of the same name. The trilogy comes after years of will-they-won’t-they development rumors, the collapse of an original distribution deal with 20th Century Fox, and are respectively set in three distinctive years: 1994, 1978, and 1666. Leigh Janiak is the director and co-writer of all three films and comes to the project with a deep-seated love of, and experience with, horror and a captivating ability to command an audience’s attention and investment.

Terrence Malick-Exec Produced Immersive Film ‘Evolver-Prologue’ Teased by Atlas V, Orange, 2D Trailer, Poster Revealed (EXCLUSIVE)

“Evolver-Prologue,” a music-filled immersive film executive produced by Edward R. Pressman (“The Crow”) and Oscar-nominated Terrence Malick (“The Tree of Life”), is set to be partly unveiled at Cannes by France’s Orange. The first nine minutes of “Evolver – Prologue” will be teased on July 8 during a private screening...

How the Films of Terrence Malick Can Teach Christian Meditation

In his 1966 “Memorial Address”, German philosopher Martin Heidegger stated “man today is in flight from thinking.” By “thinking” he did not mean computation or what he calls “calculative thought” but “meditative thinking” which is an “openness to the mystery.” Identifying the special nature of man as a meditative being, Heidegger believed our greatest task in this thoughtless age is “keeping meditative thinking alive.” No one does this better through film than former Heideggerean scholar, now filmmaker, Terrence Malick.