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Tegan Nox Reveals Who She Would Like To Team Up With In WWE NXT

Last September, it was announced that Tegan Nox suffered a torn ACL that would take her out of action indefinitely. This week on WWE’s The Bump, Nox returned to the talk show to discuss her recovery process and how she’s been doing. Although there’s no return date set just yet, Nox says she’s excited to make her comeback to the black-and-gold brand soon.
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An NXT UK star has nice words for Tegan Nox

Wrestler Tegan Nox, currently under contract with NXT, has been absent from the scene for some time due to yet another injury. Luckily though, even if she can't fight now, she enjoys an excellent reputation among colleagues who never miss the opportunity to point out her skills in the ring and how much she is also a good person on the outside.
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Brie Larson and WWE Star Tegan Nox Just Proved Why You Need a Virtual Workout Buddy

In a recent video workout session, the two shared heart-to-heart conversations between sets that'll make you want to text your own fitness bestie ASAP. Even though you’re likely spending more time working out at home than ever before these days, having a fitness buddy — even a virtual one — might just be the best way to stay motivated (and sane) during these times. Need proof? Brie Larson and her new pal, WWE star Tegan Nox just shared their joint virtual sweat session with fans online, and their joy in the video is practically contagious.

Tegan Nox joins actress Brie Larson for an inspirational home workout

“Captain Marvel” herself Brie Larson and NXT Superstar Tegan Nox got to know each other as the ring warrior led the actress through an intense virtual home workout on Brie’s YouTube channel. Together, the athletic pair engaged in an inspirational discussion about Brie’s training for her role as Captain Marvel,...

NXT's Tegan Nox Gives Injury Update

NXT fans were sad to see Tegan Nox go down with an Achilles injury last year, which didn't occur during a match but instead during training. Nox was written off television after a segment with Candice LeRae where LeRae shoved a large cart into her leg and foot over and over again, and she's been working her way back to the ring ever since. We got an update on her progress on today's episode of The Bump, and the news is good on all fronts. She said she is now off crutches and is ahead of schedule, which she partly credits from having to go through this process several times.
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Tegan Nox Provides Update On Recovery From Torn ACL

In September 2020, Tegan Nox suffered a torn ACL, putting her on the shelf for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, Nox is no stranger to a torn ACL as she suffered an ACL tear ahead of the 2017 Mae Young Classic and another ACL tear in the 2018 Mae Young Classic.

WWE NXT's Tegan Nox gives update on recovery from torn ACL

During an appearance on WWE's The Bump on Wednesday morning, Tegan Nox gave an update on her recovery from knee surgery. "I feel good," Nox said. "I feel strong, which is nice -- nice little change from being on crutches a few weeks ago. I feel good, I feel really good."
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The Rise of Tegan Nox: The Girl with the Shiniest Wizard

Editor's Note: This article was originally published the week prior to Tegan Nox's most recent ACL injury. Professional wrestling is full of stories. Decades of captivating tales of victory and defeat, of determination and grit, of strength and perseverance, and more. The gripping rise of the underdog or the shocking fall of the long-reigning champion, draws us in as fans, and lands an impact far greater than the suspended disbelief we see on-screen. With the building blocks of hard work, dedication, heartache, and vindication, these tales inspire not only wrestling, but life itself. Over the past seven years, we’ve been lucky enough to bear witness to one of those amazing stories. Full of tenacity and undeniable passion, the story of which I speak belongs to current WWE: NXT superstar, Tegan Nox.