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Toni Storm Is Loving Her AEW Run So Far, Wants Tegan Nox To Join Her There

Tegan Nox is a name that Toni Storm hopes will join her in All Elite Wrestling. Toni Storm was a guest this morning on Busted Open Radio with Dave LeGreca and Mark Henry to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked how it feels to be part of the AEW roster, Storm said that it’s been a crazy few weeks, but she loves it so far.
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News On Toni Storm, Ember Moon and Tegan Nox Possibly Signing With AEW

Toni Storm is rumored to be signing with AEW soon. AEW officials reportedly have significant interest in signing Storm, according to Fightful Select. The interest is so strong that several talents outright expect Storm to join the company sooner than later. There were numerous AEW wrestlers who have been pushing for Storm to be signed.
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Tegan Nox Learned About Split From Shotzi Blackheart Via Twitter

Tegan Nox discussed her split from Shotzi on the latest episode of Into The Danger Zone w/ Chris Denker. For a team poised to become WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, the sudden split was shocking for both individuals. “It was pretty difficult. Me and Shotzi got quite close during...

Tegan Nox Names Women Outside Of WWE She Wants To Wrestle

Tegan Nox revealed her plans following her WWE release on the latest episode of Into The Danger Zone w/ Chris Denker. It appears the “image” of Tegan Nox on WWE programming was something holding her back. The day of Tegan Nox’s release turned out to be quite positive in her own eyes.

Tegan Nox On Why She Thinks WWE Released Her

Tegan Nox revealed what she was feeling around the time of her WWE release on the latest episode of Into The Danger Zone w/ Chris Denker. In Nox’s eyes, the product appeared to be reverting back to an era she didn’t fit into. She said, “As we can...

Tegan Nox Opens Up About Why She Thinks WWE Released Her

During an interview with the Into The Danger Zone w/ Chris Denker podcast, former WWE star Tegan Nox talked about her departure from the company:. “As we can see watching the product now, it’s very much [the] Diva era coming back. I just always felt like I was always on the chopping block even if I could wrestle. I was not as much of a personality or character for them. I’m in more of a firing lineup here. Like I could do one thing wrong, and I could be gone the next week. Everyone’s walking on eggshells. You don’t want to step out of line just in case something could go wrong which luckily I guess I didn’t really do anything wrong.”

Nixon Newell (Tegan Nox) Discusses Being Fired From WWE, Never Making It To RAW –

Nixon Newell, better known by her WWE name of Tegan Nox, recently sat down with the Into The Danger Zone podcast to talk about her firing from WWE. Newell recalled that she tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before debuting on RAW after the draft, and then was fired after: “I didn’t even make it to a Raw taping. I switched brands, technically went to a Raw taping in Texas, got COVID, was told I tested positive, and had to drive sixteen hours on my own, straight home, and after that never went to a Raw taping, ever. Just had to sit at home. As soon as I got cleared from COVID, I got released pretty soon after. ‘Oh, you’re cleared from COVID, your blood tests came back fine.’ ‘Great, I can finally see if this actually goes somewhere,’ and then wasn’t taken on the road. Next call, wasn’t needed. Next time, wasn’t needed. Three or four weeks out, ‘you’re not needed anymore, budget cuts.’ ‘Okay, no worries.’”

William Regal Praises Toni Storm and Tegan Nox, AEW Star Hints At Booking Them

The legendary William Regal recently took to Twitter to throw praise at pro-wrestling stars Tegan Nox and Stephanie Newel, two current free agents in the industry following their stints with WWE. The former longtime NXT commissioner writes, “Toni Storm is a great lady and talent. Book her, she knows what...

Various News: Danhausen Creates Theme Song For The ‘Ass Boys’, Allison Danger Hints At Wrestling Return & Wants Tegan Nox, Tickets For April 4 RAW on Sale Next Week

– Danhausen is All Elite, and he’s already causing problems for the Gunn Club. The very nice, very evil AEW star has been referring to Colten and Austin Gunn as the ‘Ass Boys’ since before he signed, due to Billy Gunn’s former nickname ‘Mr. Ass.’ Now he’s went the extra mile, creating a theme song for them that sounds at least a little like Gunn’s old ‘Ass Man’ theme song. You can check that out below.

Tegan Nox (Nixon Newell) Reveals Who She Wants to Face in AEW, Impact, and More

Fans were understandably upset when WWE released Tegan Nox, especially since she hadn't even had the chance to do anything after coming over to SmackDown and Raw from NXT. She hadn't even appeared on Raw programming yet being drafted by the Red Brand in the WWE Draft. Nox, now under the name Nixon Newell, is preparing to start her post-WWE career, and she recently released a list of other stars she would like to battle with on Twitter. Stars from AEW, Impact. and more are on the list, and there are even a few rematches amongst the new match-ups.

Former Tegan Nox reveals list of dream opponents

Nixon Newell, formerly known as Tegan Nox in WWE, has released a wishlist of dream opponents. After teasing the list, Newell made the big reveal today on Twitter. "One more thing, I got it down to a single page…who wants to tussle?" Her list:. Alex Windsor. Ruby Soho. Taylor...

Tegan Nox Reveals Her Wishlist of Opponents

The former Tegan Nox has revealed her wishlist of matches she wants now that she’s no longer with WWE. Nixon Newell posted to Twitter on Thursday night to reveal a hefty list of opponents that she would like to face, which is ended with “everyone” just to make sure she got them all.

Tegan Nox Reveals Who She Wants To Face Now That She’s Gone From WWE

Former WWE Superstar Tegan Nox took to Twitter on Thursday and announced a list of opponents she wants to face now that she’s no longer with WWE. Nixon Newell listed the following names, which includes Britt Baker, Ruby Soho, Deonna Purrazzo, Will Ospreay, Kiera Hogan, Taya Valkyrie, Cash Wheeler, Eddie Kingston, and others. Her list ended with “everyone.”