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Port: Teddy Roosevelt and the modern Bildersturm

MINOT, N.D. — When it comes to Catholicism, I don't have a dog in the hunt. I was raised a Lutheran but left the church and spirituality behind in adulthood. And some of the uglier elements of Catholicism's legacy, from the mass graves at boarding schools to the Magdalene laundries in Ireland , are atrocious.

'Bully! Bully!': Teddy Roosevelt visits Roosevelt Row

Roosevelt Row features watering holes such as The Theodore with its lineup of craft beers and the Rough Rider Restaurant, an underground nightspot in the Ten-O-One Building that highlights 19th-century inspired cocktails. The only thing missing, it seems, from the street named for our 26th president (1901-1909) is Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt himself.

Opinion: What would Teddy Roosevelt have to say?

A plush, stuffed bear got its name from him, but Teddy Roosevelt was no softy to be toyed with when he wanted to get something done. T.R. wasn’t a giant in stature, but our youngest-ever American president stood tall, ever ready to stiffen his backbone for a fight. We are blessed that President Roosevelt was […] The post Opinion: What would Teddy Roosevelt have to say? appeared first on Georgia Recorder.

Lindquist Brings Teddy Roosevelt to Life at BEC Library

Watch living history speaker and educator Adam Lindquist bring the 26th President to life at the library! Adam is nationally known for his work for portraying Theodore Roosevelt. His uncanny resemblance and ability to bring Roosevelt to life earned him national reenactment titles in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and he is the only person to ever receive a perfect score in the competition’s 37-year history.

President Teddy Roosevelt’s 1904 Colorado Bear Hunt, According to His Guide

Editor’s Note: In the spring of 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt traveled by train to hunt bears and big cats in Colorado. The account of his hunt was published in the July, August, and September 1905 issues of Outdoor Life. The original story, simply titled “The President’s Bear Hunt,” began with an introduction by J.A. McGuire, the Colorado-based founder and editor-in-chief of Outdoor Life, who spoke at length with Roosevelt when he hunted Colorado as vice president and again on this trip. The story itself was written by one of TR’s guides, John Goff, who kept a diary during their weeks in camp. “[This] story is the only official account of the hunt furnished in any sportsman’s publication,” wrote McGuire. “Mr. Goff carried his own camera, from which several of the photographs here published were reproduced.” Goff’s original account spans dozens of pages and three issues; we have excerpted most of it below. This hunt occurred while unregulated predator hunting was taking place in much of the American West; for a history of how the president’s trophy hunts like this one turned into the hunting and conservation legacy he’s known for today, read about it here.
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Teddy Roosevelt gets a gift from Sugar Pine

President Theodore Roosevelt is seen here in May 1903 addressing a crowd of admirers from the front porch of Bowen’s Store in Raymond. When it was reported that the town of Raymond was going to be honored with a visit from President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903, everyone wanted a piece of the action, especially the flatlanders around Berenda and Madera. Before it was all over, they got their wish, but it didn’t make some Fresno folks very happy.