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Rachel Bilson apologizes to Tate Donovan for The O.C. cast's young stars being "little a**holes" on set

Donovan was Bilson and Melinda Clarke's guest this week on their podcast Welcome to the O.C., Bitches! podcast. After Donovan admitted that he was an "a**hole" early in his career when, believing he had graduated to film actor, he turned down Tom Selleck's offer for a guest spot on Magnum P.I. "That brings something pretty poignant for me," Bilson told Donovan, according to TooFab. "You went on to direct us on The O.C. … and I know some of us kids were little a**holes and I think that that speaks to that whole unaware, young, youthful, ignorant, like, just idiots. I hope I wasn't as bad as it's come off. I hope I wasn't. You know, you get influenced, I'd say, by your surroundings. Let's put it that way."
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Why Rachel Bilson Is Apologizing To Tate Donovan

Rachel Bilson is best known for role as Summer Roberts in the hit series "The O.C.," but since then, the actor has been busy raising a family and starring in projects like the 2008 film "Jumper," and a featured recurring role on the TV show, "Hart of Dixie" (via IMDb). However, Bilson hasn't completely moved on from "The O.C." According to People, Bilson hosts a podcast called "Welcome to the O.C., B*tches" alongside Melinda Clarke, a former co-star from the series.
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Rachel Bilson and Tate Donovan Get Candid About His Comments About ‘The O.C.’ Cast Being ‘A–holes’

Summer Roberts and Jimmy Cooper’s reunion was filled with laughs — but Rachel Bilson wasn’t afraid to bring up Tate Donovan’s past comments about the cast of The O.C. “You went on to direct us on The O.C. … and I know some of us kids were little a–holes,” Bilson, 39, said on the Tuesday, May 25, episode of the “Welcome to the OC Bitches” podcast, which she cohosts with Melinda Clarke, who played Julie Cooper. “And I hope I wasn’t as bad as it’s come off. I hope I wasn’t — because I really, you know, you get influenced, I’d say, by your surroundings.”