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REBROADCAST: Tara Westover

We talk to writer Tara Westover, author of the book “Educated,” in this rebroadcast from a 2018 live audience discussion at Literary Arts. Westover was raised by radical, anti-government parents in the mountains of Idaho. Though her parents refused to enroll her in public school, she taught herself enough to take the ACT test and attend university at age 17. She details her upbringing and struggle to attain an education in her book.
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Tara Westover, Natalie Portman celebrate paperback launch of ‘Educated’

On Feb. 7, New York Times best-selling author Tara Westover sat down with Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman to discuss Westover’s memoir. The author reflected on how she has grown as an individual while striving to live like her dog Leo who simply “goes towards things that are good and away from things that are bad.”

Tara Westover on crying through the new Jennifer Egan and attempting Fifty Shades of Grey

Tara Westover created a full-blown literary movement when she released her blisteringly honest memoir in 2018. Educated, an openhearted story about making it through childhood with her survivalist Mormon family to attend college (at age 17, with no formal education) and eventually a PhD program at Cambridge, became a number one New York Times best-seller and went on to spend over two years on the list. But while practically everyone in the country was reading her book, Tara Westover was reading plenty of other titles. Here, to celebrate the paperback release of Educated, the author lets us in on her most memorable reading moments.
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Tara Westover on Rachel Cusk, Jennifer Egan, and Madame Bovary

Welcome to the Book Marks Questionnaire, where we ask authors questions about the books that have shaped them. This week, we spoke to the author of Educated (out this week in paperback), Tara Westover. *. Book Marks: Favorite re-read?. Tara Westover: At this moment, probably The Sense of an Ending...