Tana Mongeau


Tana Mongeau freaks out after spider crawls on her during YouTube video

YouTuber Tana Mongeau was left terrified after an unexpected visitor made an appearance while filming a haul video for her channel. Tana Mongeau is a content creator with a large following across multiple different websites, including over 5 million subscribers on her popular YouTube channel. She’s well-known for her viral...

Tana Mongeau quits Reality House in very first episode over $500 concern

YouTube star Tana Mongeau quit Season 3 of Reality House on the show’s very first episode, citing concerns over her nails — which she says cost a whopping $500. Celebrated YouTube reality show ‘Reality House’ has officially returned for Season 3, and things are already getting intense between its cast of internet-famous contestants.

Reality House Season 3 to feature Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, more

Kian and JC’s Reality House web series is back for its third season, and this time, it’s featuring influencers like TikTok star Bryce Hall, YouTuber Tana Mongeau, and more. ‘Reality House’ is a reality-style web show that was created by collaborative YouTubers Kian and JC, first airing in 2019. The...

Tana Mongeau responds to Bella Thorne dating rumors after reuniting at party

YouTuber Tana Mongeau has responded to rumors that she’s back with her ex, Bella Thorne, after the pair uploaded several videos and images of themselves at a party together. Tana Mongeau and actress Bella Thorne started dating back in September 2017, but in February 2019 the pair revealed via social media that they had broken up, with Tana saying “she changed my life forever” and that there’s “no negativity.”

Tana Mongeau sparks backlash after leaving party with Demi Lovato

YouTube star Tana Mongeau is receiving backlash from fans after paparazzi spotted the influencer leaving a Halloween party alongside singer Demi Lovato. Halloween 2021 saw a heartwarming reunion between former Camp Rock stars Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, who snapped a viral photo together at a packed costume party. That...

Tana Mongeau Spreads Conspiracy About Brian Laundrie Being Alive

Tana Mongeau is being criticized for trying to spread a conspiracy theory about Brian Laundrie. Earlier this week, the social media star used her huge platform to disseminate a pre-existing theory about Laundrie being alive. In a TikTok captioned "I said what I said," Mongeau claimed the skeletal remains found in a Florida nature reserve last week did not belong to Laundrie. Rather, she said they were misidentified by authorities and accused his parents of showing up "with a tooth, and a water bottle and whatever else they could find."

Tana Mongeau defends Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler over relationship criticism

YouTuber Tana Mongeau has defended TikTok stars Nessa Barret and Jaden Hossler after they responded to constant criticism about their relationship. Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett got together in April 2021, a few months after the TikTok stars-turned-musicians released a song together called ‘la di die.’. However, the start of...

Tana Mongeau scared into hiding after nurse refuses to leave her home

YouTube star Tana Mongeau sparked concern from her fans after uploading a panicked TikTok on September 21, claiming she’d been forced to hide inside her own bathroom. Tana Mongeau is known for the occasional wild storytime video. The influencer-turned-MTV starlet has no qualms about discussing the finer points of her party-hard lifestyle and all the hilarity that comes with it.

Tana Mongeau Getting 'Crazy' Offers For Celeb Boxing Match

Tana Mongeau could be the next big YouTuber to enter the boxing ring ... 'cause the social media superstar tells TMZ Sports she's gotten "crazy" offers to fight -- and she's definitely not saying "no." The celeb boxing world has blown up in recent years ... with guys like the...