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54 Years Ago: Tammy Wynette Hits No. 1 With ‘D-I-V-O-R-C-E’

On June 29, 1968, Tammy Wynette hit No. 1 with "D-I-V-O-R-C-E." The song was at the top of the U.S. country charts 54 years ago today. Co-written by Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman — the latter of whom also wrote Dolly Parton's first hit, "Dumb Blonde" — the wrenching song is from the perspective of a woman explaining to her 4-year-old son that his parents' marriage is ending. To make matters worse, she's taking one of his siblings with her, it appears: "I love you both and it will be pure H-E-double-L for me," Wynette sings. "Oh, I wish that we could stop this D-I-V-O-R-C-E."
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Red Bay Museum co-hosts Tammy Wynette celebration

A celebration of the life and legacy of Tammy Wynette is on the horizon for Red Bay Museum. May 14 the Red Bay Museum and The Tammy Wynette Legacy Park in Tremont, Miss., will honor country music legend and superstar Tammy Wynette with an 80 Year Celebration of Tammy Wynette Music.

Tammy Wynette and George Jones Near You (Live Performance and Lyrics)

Enjoy watching the Tammy Wynette and George Jones "Near You" live performance video and see the song details here. . . The Tammy Wynette and George Jones Near You song was a #1 country music hit for the duo starting February 5, 1977. Recorded in the winter of 1974, this song arrangement proved that country fans still had an appetite for any music performed by the estranged couple. George and Tammy had become country music’s “First Couple” in the early seventies. This song was their second consecutive #1 single since their divorce in 1975. The couple had also managed to top the charts once during their six-year marriage with “We’re Gonna Hold On” in 1973.

Steve Zahn To Play Tammy Wynette Husband & Manager George Richey In ‘George & Tammy’

EXCLUSIVE: As production gets underway today on the John Hillcoat-directed George & Tammy with Michael Shannon playing George Jones and Jessica Chastain Tammy Wynette in a drama about their tempestuous marriage, Steve Zahn has joined the six-episode limited series. He will play George Richey, a songwriter, producer and mainstay of the Nashville country music community who married Wynette after she and Jones split up in 1975. Richey managed Wynette until her death in 1998. Production began today in North Carolina on a series that will premiere exclusively on Spectrum followed by a second window on Paramount+ and the Paramount Network. Abe Sylvia...

Michael Shannon Duets With Jessica Chastain In ‘George & Tammy’; John Hillcoat Directing Limited Series On George Jones & Tammy Wynette Marriage

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Shannon is closing a deal to join Jessica Chastain in George & Tammy, and John Hillcoat (The Road) is aboard is to direct all six episodes of a limited series on the tempestuous marriage of C&W music couple George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Production begins Wednesday in North Carolina, and I’m told Shannon will do his own singing to capture the vocals of Jones, and Chastain will do the same in singing the standards of Wynette, who’s best known for her hit “Stand by Your Man.” George & Tammy will premiere exclusively on Spectrum followed by a second window...

New George Jones and Tammy Wynette Series Has Interesting Connection to ‘Yellowstone’

There is a new George Jones and Tammy Wynette series going into production this week. What is the connection it has with Yellowstone?. We now know who is going to play the two main stars in the series. Also, we know that the series is going to be based on Georgette Jones’ own book The Three of Us: Growing Up with Tammy and George. Michael Shannon is going to take the role of Jones. Meanwhile, Jessica Chastain will take the role of Wynette. There will be some difficult moments portrayed in the series, for sure.

George Jones and Tammy Wynette Series Has Casting for Two Country Icons: Report

John Hillcoat is directing a series on George Jones and Tammy Wynette and we now know who will play the iconic country music couple. Michael Shannon will sing along with Jessica Chastain as the two portray the famed country music duo. Wynette and Jones were married in 1969. It was Jones’ third marriage and Wynette’s second. They would be married for just over six years until they divorced in 1975.

Tammy Wynette and George Jones We’re Gonna Hold On (video and lyrics)

Enjoy watching Tammy Wynette and George Jones in a liver performance of "We're Gonna Hold On" . . . The We’re Gonna Hold On song is a 1973 duet single by George Jones and Tammy Wynette. The duo (who were a married couple at the time) had their first of three number-one songs on the U.S. country chart starting on October 27, 2007. This song was the most successful of these releases spending fourteen weeks on the chart.

CMT Rewind: Tammy Wynette Achieves Her Final No.1 Single With 1976’s “You And Me”

Typically, when considering the lineage of country music’s top No. 1 hitmakers, these are artists who achieved incredible chart-topping success over multiple decade-long careers. For instance, country’s No. 1 hit creator, George Strait, reached the top 44 times in three decades. However, comparatively, Tammy Wynette achieved 20 solo or duet No. 1 songs in a decade, between 1967-1976. On October 23, 1976, Wynette, via “You And Me” — the title song from her 16th studio album — achieved her 20th and final number-one hit, in yes, impressively, under 10 years.