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Hollywood Legend Tallulah Bankhead’s New York Country Estate

Hollywood Legend Tallulah Bankhead’s New York Country Estate. Windows, the one-time upstate New York country estate of Hollywood legend Tallulah Bankhead, was where she let down her hair—and took off her clothes when entertaining guests at her wild, all-night parties. “The wooden signs along the long driveway that...
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How Tatler cover star Tallulah Bankhead became the inspiration for Disney’s Cruella de Vil

With her monochrome wardrobe (and matching coiffure), floor-length (Dalmatian) fur coat and elegant cigarette holder, there are perhaps no Disney villains so synonymous with a certain kind of twisted glamour than Cruella de Vil. Every inch the 1940s femme fatale gone wrong, the 101 Dalmatians villain was rumoured to have been inspired by Tatler pin-up, political heiress and Hollywood hell-raiser Tallulah Bankhead. But who was she?

Tallulah Bankhead and Billie Holiday: Relationship explored in new biopic

Billie Holiday biopic The United States Vs. Billie Holiday premiered on 26 February (to mixed reviews), revealing her romantic involvement with actress Tallulah Bankhead. But the relationship remains somewhat mysterious. So, what’s the story behind Tallulah Bankhead and Billie Holiday?. Who was Tallulah Bankhead?. American actress Tallulah Brockman Bankhead was...