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Sylvia Kristel: From Emmanuelle to Chabrol HC Book (Crowd Funding)

A trailblazing figure in film and popular culture, Netherlands native Sylvia Kristel became one of the biggest stars in the world as Emmanuelle in 1974. Alongside her most famous role, directed by Just Jaeckin, a little-known fact is that Sylvia Kristel also appeared in over 20 films between 1973 and 1981 featuring exceptional work with some of the greatest directors in film history including Walerian Borowczyk, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Roger Vadim and Claude Chabrol. Now the story of Sylvia’s astonishing career in the ’70s is told in Sylvia Kristel: From Emmanuelle to Chabrol, written by Jeremy Richey. Featured are new interviews with Just Jaeckin, Pim de la Parra, Robert Fraisse, Joe Dallesandro and Francis Lai among others. Sylvia Kristel: From Emmanuelle to Chabrol is a film-by-film guide to one of the most distinctive and uncompromising careers in modern cinema, and a celebration of a most remarkable woman in a fully illustrated coffee-table book available here exclusively signed by author Jeremy Richey.
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‘Sylvia Kristel: From Emmanuelle To Chabrol’

❉ New Hardcover book, and 4-Disc Blu-Ray Set now available for Pre-order!. “There were about twenty exotic girls. Magnifique! Then I saw a girl all alone, long with big eyes moving and I said ‘That’s Her!’ I don’t know why. Maybe the name ‘Kristel’ meaning pure, naïve, beautiful. Sylvia was so beautiful, so pure. Emmanuelle must be naïve and pure, and Sylvia was exactly that.” – Just Jaeckin.
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Inside Ian McShane's abusive relationship with Sylvia Kristel: 'We screamed, we cried, broke ornaments'

‘American Gods’ is soon to be back for the third season. And there can be no ‘American Gods’ without Ian McShane. The British actor has earned the show Best Actor in a Drama Series nomination at the 8th Critics' Choice Television Awards. And while McShane is a celebrated actor, there is a dark chapter in his past: his relationship with Sylvia Kristel. Kristel was a Dutch model and actress who is best remembered as the eponymous character in five of the seven ‘Emmanuelle’ erotic film series. Kristel died at the age of 60 in 2012 from cancer. She was married and divorced twice. In Hollywood, she had a volatile relationship with McShane, whom she met while making ‘The Fifth Musketeer’.