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Thanksgiving Recipe: Susan Walters

How did you come by this recipe? “Forever ago, my sister sent it in an email along with one for a butternut squash/goat cheese torte. She knows that I’m not exactly the cook of the family, so one year I wanted to make a salad, and she sent this recipe. It’s super-easy and I serve it every Thanksgiving. My friends and family always ask for it. They’ll say, ‘Hey Sue, just make a salad.’ In other words, ‘Don’t kill us with your cooking.’ ”
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Y&R's Mishael Morgan & Susan Walters real-life weddings

How did you choose your dress? “That was a journey [sighs]. I’m the most indecisive person and when you’re going wedding dress shopping, everybody loves everything you’re trying on because they’re your family and friends and they want to be nice. I pretty much went to every bridal store in Toronto twice and finally I chose a dress that I totally wouldn’t think about going with in the beginning. I just wanted something sexy and then this one woman said, ‘You’re an actress and can wear sexy all of the time on the red carpet. For your wedding, you should be like a princess in a ballroom gown.’ So I went with something totally different, and I was really happy with it.”
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Y&R's Susan Walters Guests On Digest's Podcast

On the new Dishing With Digest, Susan Walters looks back on her soap roots on LOVING, chronicles her prime-time projects, discusses her comeback as Y&R’s Diane, shares secrets of her longtime marriage to Linden Ashby (ex-Curtis, LOVING) and more. We also talk about the latest casting and storyline news.
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Susan Walters On Her Return As Y&R's Diane

When we last saw Diane Jenkins in 2011, she was lying facedown in water with her head bashed in and played by Maura West (Ava, GH). Now, Y&R has tapped Diane No. 2, Susan Walters, to reprise the role — that is, when she finally answered their call. “I never pick up my phone, so I got a text [transcribed by voicemail] that said, ‘Hey, this is tony marina from wine art, give me a call,’ ” recounts the actress. “I thought it was about drinking wine and doing art, so, it just didn’t register with me. Now, I once met [Executive Producer] Tony Morina, when I flew in to play Diane for one day, but that was over 10 years ago, so I didn’t respond to that message.”

Young & Restless Jaw-Dropper: Susan Walters Returns as Diane Jenkins

We’d read the rumors online. But we didn’t believe it until we saw it with our own two eyes. Heck, even then, we weren’t sure what we were seeing!. In the March 23 episode of The Young and the Restless, we got our first look at the woman who was interested in buying Keemo’s house, and to say that her face is familiar would be an understatement: Taylor Jensen is a dead ringer for the late Diane Jenkins, at least when she was played by Susan Walters.
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Susan Walters to Revive Cha Spirits and Pizza in Ohio City This Spring

This spring, Susan Walters will put that idiom to the test when she revives Cha Spirits and Pizza Kitchen, a restaurant with two previous runs. The veteran restaurant owner and consultant launched Cha in 2014, in the former home of Battery Park Wine Bar. The popular neighborhood spot that specialized in small plates, stone oven pizzas and well-picked wines, closed after three years. But shortly thereafter Walters announced that she had found a new home for Cha, in the former Pasta and Pastries building on Whitman Ave. That ill-fated landlord-tenant arrangement lasted less than a year.