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Sun-Tzu on being almost mugged in Las Vegas

[Editor’s note: This letter was written by Viktorija, our Sovereign Woman]. I’ve been in plenty of dangerous situations in my life. I’ve been shot at. I’ve been through a rocket attack. And, as a single female, I’ve been stalked more times than I can count. Yet even with all those...
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Thinking like Sun Tzu – part 2, a series of 6 maxims

Part 1 introduced a number of Sun Tzu’s aphorisms. On their own, they can seem somewhat abstract. In Part 2, we will take these ideas and apply them to a number of interlocking maxims that bring the aphorisms to life. Maxim One, Anticipate the Foe’s Uses of—Cause—Link—Effect. This maxim involves...

Thinking like Sun Tzu – Part 1

This is the first in a 2-part series that aims to help people better understand and use a number of Sun Tzu’s aphorisms. They will help the reader improve their ability to think, plan, make decisions, act, assess outcomes, and adapt. The author advocates how learning from Sun Tzu’s aphorisms can be used to gain an advantage over one’s opponents. With an understanding of these important concepts comes the potential to attack an opponent’s strategy[[1]] and plans[[2]] at a very early stage, perhaps even at or before their inception.