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‘Wondrium Insights’ Launches This Summer with Sugar Ray Leonard, Diana Nyad, Mary Lambert and Others

Click here to read the full article. Instructional streamer Wondrium has ordered three seasons of “Wondrium Insights,” a new speaker series featuring guests including world champion boxer and Olympic gold medalist Sugar Ray Leonard, swimming legend and host Diana Nyad and singer/songwriter Mary Lambert. The series will be distributed globally on Wondrium later this year. According to the service, “Each speaker will present their personal stories and challenges giving viewers an intimate opportunity to learn and discover tools that can help with perseverance, resilience, and success.” Besides Leonard, Nyad and Lambert, the speakers also include former NBA player Jay Williams, social entrepreneur...
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Murray Sutherland, Sugar Ray Leonard and the super middleweight road to Canelo-Plant

For those readers who have yet to earn their hardcore-fan stripes, you may require a history lesson on Murray Sutherland. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1954, Sutherland fought a who’s who of world class opponents from middleweight to light heavyweight during the early 1980s. Among the men he faced: Thomas Hearns, Michael Spinks (twice), Matthew Saad Muhammad and Bobby Czyz.

'The Kings' crafts a royal docuseries around Sugar Ray Leonard and his boxing peers

"The Kings" is ostensibly about four great boxers who reigned supreme via a series of epic fights in the 1980s, picking up the sport's mantle from Muhammad Ali. But the filmmakers have ambitiously reached -- and at times overreached -- to transform that rich backdrop into a referendum on a changing America, devoting ample time to the Reagan years to complement the fireworks in the ring.
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Q&A with Sugar Ray Leonard: The temptation of the comeback, how he got sober and figuring out how to beat Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Like so many, arts reporter Geoff Edgers has been grounded by the pandemic. So he decided to launch an Instagram Live show called "Stuck With Geoff." So far, it has included Annie Lennox, Anthony Fauci and Yo-Yo Ma, among others. Recently, Edgers chatted with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. Here are excerpts from their conversation.